[Love and Tears] part 21.

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I woke up to the annoying beeping of an alarm. I groaned as I mumbled words to myself that not even I can remember now. Danielle shoved me back to my bit of the bed as she mumbled something too. The alarm stopped, which left me relieved. I fell back to sleep happily.

Five minutes later, the loud irritating beeping started again. I groaned, this time louder then before. Danielle managed To sleep through it happily. I frowned. If only I was a deep sleeper like Danielle.

I pushed myself up to sitting position, as I yawned, stretched and rubbed my eyes. I then wiped the nastiness in my eyes that had formed through the night. I looked down at Danielle to find her spread out across the bed. As soon as I got up she was quick to fill my space. I giggled quietly to myself.

I sleepily walked over to the alarm and slammed it as hard as I could; sending the sound to fade then stop all together. I let out a small cry of relief. I looked up at the clock that layed high above our bed. It read 20 to 8. Shit. I had 20 minutes to get ready before I could leave.

Slapping myself; I woke up instantly. I then held onto Danielle's shoulders and moved them viciously.

"Mm stop!" She groaned, placing her face deeper into the pillow.

"Danielle! School today! You've got to get up." I informed her.

She groaned once more before looking up at me. "What do you mean school today?" She asked, her eyes half closed.

I struggled not to laugh as I stared at her. "I mean exactly what I said you donought!"

She frowned. "What? But I don't go to your school. Bye, Callie." with that, she placed her head back into the pillow.

I nudged her again. "Danielle!"

"What!?" She yelled into the pillow, but not moving from the position she had moved herself to. "Let me sleep! I'm tired!" She complained. I rolled my eyes as I continued to nudge her.

"You think you're the only one who's tired? You just have to suck it up!" I told her, nudging her harder.

"Ow!" She complained. "Stop that! You're hurting me! Flip sake, Callie! Stop your shit!"

"Get up then!"

She looked up at me, twisting her neck in order to see me. "Its not my fault. We were out so late in the snow yesterday." she told me. State the obvious, why don't you?

"Yes it is your fault! You're the one who insisted on staying out there! Even though we were all half frozen to death!" I stated.

"I told you to wear thicker gloves!"

"Danielle, I had two of those thick, insulator gloves on along with 3 pairs of socks and two scarfs. How much warmer can I get? Just accept the fact it's your fault we were out so late. Me and mum kept asking you but all you said was 'two more minutes' when intact it wasn't two more minutes, it was two more hours in that freezing snow! Now get up!" I yelled, panting heavily from that sudden outburst.

She frowned. "Whatever, Callie. But why do I have to go to school? I don't even go to yours!"

"I know and that's why were trying to get you in!" I told her.


"No buts!"

"But!" She said, putting all her emphasis on the but. I rolled my eyes. "I could stay here and look after your uncle."

"Terry? What? No way! You? Looking after him?" I started laughing. "You can even look after yourself."

"Can too!" She insisted.

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