Chapter Twenty-Seven: Danger

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"(Y/n)?" I heard a faint voice from a distance. I could not see who it was, darkness crowded my vision. I felt like I was floating, I felt delicate. "Why did you leave me, (y/n)? You've done wrong." I heard Leo's voice, getting closer and closer towards me. I heard his footsteps echoing through the darkness, though I do not know where.

"I'll find you, (y/n)." I heard him whisper through my ear from behind. It felt so real, I felt cold when I felt his breath tickling my ear. Just then, I two hands grasp on my shoulder. I opened my eyes faster than a lightning bolt and I took a big gulping breath and released it.

"Easy there, darling."

I heard a voice say. That voice made me smile, it made me squeeze his shoulder. He put a hand behind my back and laid me down on the bed. I did not care what he did, all I did was stare at his face full of tears in my eyes. I cup his cheek and smiled, "I-is this a dream?" I ask slowly as a shot of pain ran through my veins.

I hissed in pain and arch my back towards the ceiling. He made me still in the bed, despite the pain I felt I obeyed. "(Y/n), don't move much." He told me as I felt confused, "W-why? What happened to me?" I asked. He raised a brow and answered, "You were shot at the side of your stomach," He explained "Though, the bullet isn't very deep. We already removed it with some assistance."

I nod my head and smiled. "I missed you, Simon." I said, making him smile back and take my hand as he put it on his cheek. "You don't know how many sleepless nights I've had." He chuckled as he kissed the top of my hand, entwining his fingers with mine as we finally got reunited with each other.

I had so many questions, so many things I want him to answer. But it all crashed down from a knock on the door as the doorknob twist open. "Sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds, but someone would like to meet you (y/n)." Sebastian said with a sly smirk on his face and I smiled, "sure thing." I said and he stepped backward as he went inside.

Both of them gave a despised look as Sebastian walked off. "Zach!" I smiled, "I knew you'd be alive and safe." I said and Zach gave me an uneasy smile. "Thank you..miss—" I cut him off, "(y/n), no need to me formal." I chuckled. "Yes, yes, right, (y/n)." He nod.

"(Y/n), I really want to talk to you about—" Zach stopped mid-sentence as he looked at the corner of his eye. He bit his lip down and looked at me, giving me that uneasy smile once again. I frowned, "Is there something wrong, Zach?" I asked.

His smile grew larger and chuckled, "Of course not, (y/n)." He laughed. He got up and went to the desk and took a vase, "This vase looks beautiful, isn't it?" Zach asked and I nod. "It i—" I was cut off by Zach throwing it towards the cctv. Simon stood up tall "What the hell?!" He squeezed my hand as Zach went to the door and locked it.

"Z-zach, what's going on?" I asked shakily as I sat up despite the pain I was feeling. He looked at me and sigh, "I did not want to do it in this kind of way. But things must be done. We are in danger." He stated.

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