9| Screw Theodore the Third

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9| Screw Theodore the Third

SKYLAR helped me grab my bags and lug them across campus to the Alpha Chi apartments once I got back from hanging out with Will on Friday

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SKYLAR helped me grab my bags and lug them across campus to the Alpha Chi apartments once I got back from hanging out with Will on Friday. I spent the rest of Friday unpacking and getting settled while Skylar faded in and out of naps and occasionally left to get snacks and then talk to me about random shit.

She left on Friday night to be with her girlfriend, whose name I couldn't remember off the top of my head but I now knew was India. I, on the other hand, stayed in the apartment and read. When it got later and I started to get hungry, I left our room and headed down the hall to the kitchen on our floor. There were 3 floors in the Alpha Chi apartment building, each with their own kitchen and joined living space. Our room was on the 3rd floor.

I found that the apartment was actually incredibly nice. The room I shared with Skylar was pretty generous in size, with two small closets for both of us, a shared bathroom with a bath and not just a shower, and desks on opposite sides of the room with shelves for items. The beds had drawers underneath for storage. It was comfortable and it didn't take me long to pass the fuck out.

Now, it was Saturday. And as per usual, at the end of every rush week, the fraternities threw parties for every sorority to attend. We could choose where we wanted to go, if we wanted to stay, or if we wanted to party hop.

I, for one, had made my decision:

I didn't want to go to any parties.

I was in the kitchen making breakfast (Eggo waffles to make up for my lack of waffles from yesterday). The kitchen was pretty generous as well. It was narrow but had two large counters with navy blue cabinets and a white brick backsplash. There was a large window in front of the sink that allowed the natural light of the morning to come through, and the smell of the cool morning, the fresh air, was incredibly calm as I covered my waffles in strawberries and whipped cream I had picked up from the store on my way back to the university yesterday.

And then I heard Skylar's entrance. "Oh, Juliet, Juliet! Wherefore art thou?"

She walked into the kitchen with her pink hair in braids, an oversized sweatshirt on, and she was holding a Walmart bag in her right hand. She grinned when she saw me and sat down at the kitchen counter.

"Rise and shine, I hope you got a good night's sleep," Skylar said.

"Oh, yeah. I got a good amount of sleep. It looks like you didn't get any," I commented.

Skylar winked. "You already know it," she said. "I like you already, have I mentioned that?"

"I think you have." I dug my fork into my waffles and took a large bite.

"Plans for the day?" Skylar asked.

"Big plans. I'm going to finish my book, take a few naps, and then watch the presidential debates," I said.

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