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Community profiles are the lifeblood of Wattpad! Check out these great initiatives created, run, and managed, by members of the Wattpad Community, get involved, and support the CommunityHub profile!

BootcampMentors - The Bootcamp Mentors profile was created as headquarters where mentors who have experienced success, be it achieving Wattpad Stars status or having a story published, are matched with mentees who are still on their writing journey. Together, these duos hunker down and turn fledgling manuscripts into award winners.

BTS-Community - BTS Community was created by Army who enjoy reading or writing BTS fanfictions on Wattpad and want to showcase the best ones with the platform. The profile hosts a variety of events such as flashfics, reading list features, interviews, and more!

CupidsBookClub - CupidsBookClub will help pair you with the book that matches the essence of the love you are looking for. Take a peek at the reading lists and shoot your arrow at the love of your choice.

HurricaneBC - A profile to share the love of critiquing and good stories on Wattpad!

NARomance - This community is a hub that celebrates New Adult stories and writers on Wattpad. Our goal is to give the shining light to all New Adult romance writers.

NewAdultReads - The place for the latest and greatest New Adult content from new and old writers.

Ooorah - Wattpad's #1 place for science fiction, featuring the longest-running 'zine on Wattpad.

Rebel_Town - We set the standard of life, whether you're looking for a book club, reviews, Betas, contests and the occasional awards. Rebel Town is where you want to be.

SeaOfPositivity - A positive bubble that aims to spread positivity, to increase positivity, and to soak you with positive vibes while keeping you positive.

TeamOfDreams We want new and experienced authors to become more comfortable in their own skins as writers and poets. To this end, it is our mission to offer activities and education that further the success of the members of our Wattpad community.

The_Weekend_Write-In - We host a weekend flash fiction writing group based on a one word prompt. Writers post stories and comment on each other's submissions. It is supportive and non-competitive. 

TheNovellaAwards - We came together to bring our community closer, celebrate novellas across Wattpad, provide a platform to all novella writers and help them get the recognition they deserve.

TheWarriorGoddess - TWG is a profile that aims to embrace and celebrate strong, resilient, brave and goal-oriented women from all walks of life that are the heroes of their own stories, damsels in success, wonder women. Our mission is to encourage, support and acknowledge stories that feature warrior goddesses that kick ass, literally or figuratively.

WattCliches - Your home for all things cliché. This profile aims to encourage, support and acknowledge stories which incorporate cliché(s) in any shape and form, irrespective of the genre(s). Discover the best stories in our reading lists, and join us for many fun-filled activities. It will leave you craving for more!

Watt-Dragons - Life with some Geary creatures can be adventurous and Watt-Dragons is the lair of all dragons where you are always welcome to take a ride with them. Discover the best stories about dragons here and join us for the quests we have for you.

WattMaas - WattMaas is a fan-made community profile for fans of Sarah J. Maas' books series', including 'A Court of Thorns and Roses' (ACOTAR), 'Throne of Glass' (ToG) and 'Crescent City'.

WattPetts - WattPetts' aim is to spread awareness amongst the Wattpadders about animals (of air, land, water), and develop compassion within them. It's an initiative to encourage writers to broaden their imagination and consider writing about animals too.

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