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Community profiles are the lifeblood of Wattpad! Check out these great initiatives created, run, and managed, by members of the Wattpad Community, get involved, and support the CommunityHub profile!

BootcampMentors The Bootcamp Mentors profile was created as headquarters where mentors who have experienced success, be it achieving Wattpad Stars status or having a story published, are matched with mentees who are still on their writing journey. Together, these duos hunker down and turn fledgling manuscripts into award winners.

CommunityInteractive Community Interactive is a profile dedicated to hosting community writing, engagement and interactive projects in which authors must work together to develop a story in a pre-planned setting.

DreamlandCommunity - If you're searching for a community of people who want to put their dreams into words or experience the dreams others create, this is the place for you. DreamlandCommunity is home to dreamers of all kind, doing our best to assist you in your growth whether it be through one of our many clubs, our help book, our review book, or the community our discord offers you.

HurricaneBC A profile to share the love of critiquing and good stories on Wattpad!

Rebel_Town We set the standard of life, wether you're looking for a book club, reviews, Betas, contests and the occasional awards. Rebel Town is where you want to be.

TalesOfTheSlayer - And the men took the girl to slay demons. They chained her to the Earth. Filled her with Dark. Welcome to the profile for all-things Slayer, where we celebrate the Slayer and the wider Buffyverse. Though we are a small profile, we are mighty! Join us, and you'll soon discover we've got all sorts in store.

The_Dead_Room - Our profile is dedicated to all the fans of The Walking Dead. Are you an avid The Walking Dead FanFiction reader? Or are you a passionate The Walking Dead FanFiction writer? Then this profile is the right place for you! We've got something up our sleeve for everybody.

WattBroadway Welcome to WattBroadway where the world's a stage and you are the star! The healing, motivational, and redemptive power of show tunes can uplift the human spirit hence why we want to showcase them over this Profile. You all get a standing ovation here!

WattRevenge The perfect home for all revenge readers and writers. Who doesn't like a good revenge story? Or wouldn't want to be our next favorite author? Join us on a fantastic mission for some juicy contests, to be interviewed and much more.

YAFantasy Your Wattpad hub for all things fantastical! This profile aims to collect and showcase the best Young Adult AND New Adult focused Fantasy stories and authors out here in this wide Wattpad world.

YAMystery We deal with the unknown, the unexplained, and the secrets. If you read and/ or write Young Adult Mystery, this is the place for you!

youngadultreads - The coziest community of Young Adult readers and writers. Come visit the best place in town for all your YA needs! With QOTWs, interviews, and writing contests, YAR will be your favorite spot on Wattpad.

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