Part 21 ; Painful again

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I never thought Taehyung would talk like that to my parents. "What's wrong with you??!!" I raised my voice slightly to Taehyung but his handsome face looked calm. "Married is not a game to play with but build a family with our partners!" Married is not an easy thing but why is he so easy to talk about this??

"Why do you think I didn't care about this?" Taehyung said as he looked me deeply. "I've never joked about something serious like this, y/n" I'm so surprised at what Taehyung say to me. "Y/n, why you so hard to find someone who loves you wholeheartedly? Why is it so easy for you to trust someone who always plays with your feelings?"

Why y/n can't ever look at someone who loves her so much until I can fight for her? Am I not good as Jungkook? What are my shortcomings and what advantages that Jungkook have I don't have? "What do you mean by that?" what's wrong with all guys in this world now? Why it's so hard to understand them??!

"Y/n, please open your eyes and don't blind your eyes just because of Jungkook!" Taehyung suddenly raised his voice on me for the first time. "Why you suddenly opening up about his topic?!" What's wrong with him now?! "Because of Jungkook, you are like this! Why are you still unconscious?!"

"Can you just straight to the point what you really want from me?! My body!!!?? It's that you really what, huh?!" I can't believe that we can have a real fight like this for the first time after 4 years we be a best friend. "That you think on me now? We know each other for 4 years not 4 day or 4 month, y/n. But that you thought about me? That I want your body only just for myself? For fun?!"

I really speechless with what he say to me. I don't know what to say again to Taehyung again, I just look at him. "For you knowledge, I want something that more than your body. Yeah, I'm a man too but I'm not like Jungkook. And because of him, you're so blind until you don't know how to value diamond and glass now"

My feelings start to hurt when Taehyung talk like that to me and I try to hold it in as much as I can but until then. "No wonder why Jungkook cheating on you all this time." He suddenly freeze when my hand fly to his right cheek. "Are you done??" I said as my voice as bit shaking.

"I know you're hurt with what I talked about but have you ever been worried about what I went though and fell all this this when you still with that jerk before?? Did you??? Nooooo y/n. Nooo! We be a best friend for 4 year but you never know what I feel!"

My tears suddenly fall into my cheeks when he say something like that to me. Please don't tell me that Taehyung have a feeling on me. I don't want to hear that from him, he's my best friend. "Did you know why am I so hurt until I can tell you about this? Because I really love you, y/n."

"I start have a feeling on you since I meet you when we still a kid and I still remember where our first meeting. It's not at our canvas but at San Yong Park when I still 8 years old and you still 6 years old that time."

He said with his broken voice. "But yeah, it's not important for you and you don't have to remember about that stupid memories again now. For you, it's just a trash so that why you don't remember about that"

So a little boy I met at San Yong Park is Kim Taehyung? Why I didn't realize that it's him? What kind of best friend I'm? "So the boy is you? But why you didn't tell me about it all this time?"

Taehyung really broke when y/n doesn't remember the boy is him even though he showed his picture when he was 8 year old. "You know what, Princess? That's not important again so take a rest now. I don't want to fight with you about this" Taehyung said as he give me a smile before he went out from the kitchen.

*A Few Days Later, Jimin's official*

"Do you want to know what I'm thinking right now? I'm pretty sure that this plan will destroy Jungkook and Taehyung" Jimin said as he's smirking to his assistant. "And I want to keep spy on y/n for her safety. Got it?!" His assistant bow at him and say "Yes, Ceo Park. We'll handle this"

Jimin's reaction suddenly change when Y/n's beautiful face appeared in his mind. "Sorry to say like this, Ceo Park. But you look really love Miss. Y/n even though your engagement with her ended a few years ago."

Jimin give his assistant a painful smile as he think about y/n. "How can I forgot about that beautiful woman who always be there for me and make me feel so happy? For me, she's not a human" Jimin looked at his assistant's face before he finish his words to him.

"But she's an angel for me and I can't let her go from my life again. I want my fiance back"

To Be Continued...

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