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"How long have you two been dating?" Mr. Jeon asked while they are eating lunch. Jungkook looked at Dahyun.

"Two years."

"Two years? Really? That fast." Mr. Jeon said.

"They should've been three years if your son didn't break her." Mrs. Jeon said.

"Eomma." Jungkook called.

"What? I'm telling the truth."

"Two years, that's long for a celebrity couple huh? How do you spend time with each other after having hectic scheds?" Mr. Jeon questioned.

"I make time, we both make time after work. We're letting each other know if we're free." Jungkook answered.

"You stay a lot in Jin's house." Mrs. Jeon chuckled.

"Really? Do Dahyun stay with her brother?"

"She is."

"Oh, do you share a room when you're there?"

Mrs. Jeon nudged her husband.

"What? I'm just asking."

"Have you slept together? Like kiss, mak—" Dahyun almost choked hearing that from Mr. Jeon.

"Honey! Stop asking very sensitive question! Or should I say, 'private'. Huh???" Mrs. Jeon said. Jungkook gave Dahyun a glass of water.

"Thank you." She said and drink a lot of water.

"What? It's not sensitive. Relationship nowadays are like that, teenagers, couples don't just go out to date outside because it's boring. You should give affection to each other."

Mrs. Jeon beat his arm.

"Are you suggesting them???" She asked.

"No! No, they're just going out for two years now. If they did, I'll keep an eye of your son. I'll have eyes here even if I am not here."

"Stop!" Mrs. Jeon said.


"I wanna go out." Mr. Jeon looked at them.

"It isn't safe." Mrs. Jeon replied.

"It is, they did lock down. Busan is free from the virus."

"We're in a community quarantine."

"Yes? And how are we going to go back to Seoul for my flight and for Jungkook and Dahyun?" Mr. Jeon asked.

"Exactly my point, maybe these two should extend their stay here for safety. Their entertainments won't be giving them schedules because of the situation, right?" Mrs. Jeon looked at them. "Right, Dahyun?"

"Uh— right, JYP told us to standby and keep ourselves protected. I don't know to BTS." Dahyun answered.

"We didn't get anything about it but our manager didn't tell me to come home quick, they know I'm here. They'll let me stay." Jungkook said.

"That's good." Mrs. Jeon smiled.

"What about me?" Mr. Jeon said.

"After three days, you'll have to go back alone." Mrs. Jeon said.

"I think we should head back with him, eomma. To make sure they'll let him safely go back abroad." Jungkook said.

"You sure? There are securities, right? Why did you come home with the country's situation? You made Jungkook home, with Dahyun. It's not like I don't want to, but I am thinking of everyone's safety." Mrs. Jeon said.

"You're complaining now? This is the last time for this year that my boss letting me come home." Mr. Jeon said.

"Why don't you just quit your job, I'm making enough money for you guys. I ran away from here when I was fourteen not for me, but for you." Jungkook interrupted.

"Your money is your money, son. It isn't ours." Mrs. Jeon shook her head. They are still both arguing, Jungkook can't talk to them properly.

"I get Gguk's point." Dahyun suddenly spoke and they all looked at her. "Offsprings should be repaying their parents for raising them, you taught him right. He made money at a very young age, not because you wanted him to. Money is not his goal to have, Jungkook has passion on everything he does. How I wish I could do that to my parents, I also want to repay Jin oppa and Jisoo eonni after everything, but they could make more money than I am so..." Dahyun shrugged. "It's time for you to feel like you're young again." Dahyun chuckled. "I'm sorry for interfering, I'm just—" Dahyun couldn't say the exact words. Jungkook held her hand.


In the end, Mr. and Mrs. Jeon left home to go to the beach and have quality time alone, while Junghyun has different business outside. Only Jungkook and Dahyun are left home.

"They're heading at the beach, it's your favorite place wherever you go." Jungkook said. "Why you didn't want to come? It'll be your first time going there if you said yes."

"Don't you know how to give your parents a moment? Alone, together? After not being with each other than we are for months?" Dahyun asked. "I don't want to become a third wheel." She chuckled. "Kidding." Dahyun sat on the couch and looked at the window, Jungkook approached her and looked at her. "What?" She asked noticing him looking at her but he didn't answer so she looked at him back.

"Just tell me you wanted to spend time with me alone, too." He said, Dahyun cracked up. "What?"

"You're funny." She said while still laughing. "Okay, I'm sorry. Wait, you're cheesy."

Jungkook pulled her to him.

"Hey!" He made her sit on his lap facing him. "Mr. Jeon."

"My parents are away." He whispered.

"So? They can go back anytime."

"I asked them to buy clothes for you."

"What? You did? You don't have to—"

"I have, eomma knows what to buy. Unless you want to get naked until we leave." Dahyun beat his arm.

"Perv." She said.

"You should pay for the situation."

"Situation? Oh my!" Jungkook got up carrying her. "Put me down!"

Jungkook did.

"This isn't you, let's just wash the dishes before they get home."


"No laters." Dahyun turned around but Jungkook pulled her. "Hey!" He pecked her lips very long, Dahyun pushed him. "Stop it, we're in your parents' house."

"You want it too, huh?"


"Is that a question? You're asking me?"

"No? No! No. Ugh!" Dahyun pushed him again. "Will you control yourself when you're alone with me, Mr. Jeon? Does Eunha makes you feel that way?" She asked.

"Hell? How did Eunha got in here? No, never." Jungkook shook his head.

"Really? What do you find attractive to me? I mean— seductive, Mr. Jeon?"

"What?" He chuckled. "Everything, innocence."

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