Chapter 30: The Big Wish

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Kim spent the next week just doing her thing. She attended meetings that led to parties. She traveled for photo shoots, Reacting To Backdrops and Cooling Off. She was a spokesmodel for a new brand of leggings, and did Digital Prints and Subtle Changes. She went on a few dates, she bought a bunch of clothes, she changed her hair style 9 times. She did a 12-hour charity event and a 24-hour launch party, vowing, as she always did, to never do that again. She said Yes to everything. It was exhausting. And at the end she was still, beyond all reason, solidly on the B-list. 

Something definitely felt wrong. She’d been working extremely freaking hard, shouldn’t she have leveled up by now? What was normal? She was about to call Maria for advice when her phone rang. It was Simon. Great, more gigs.

“Hi Simon!” Kim said.

“Kim. I can’t talk long, my tie is caught in the paper shredder and I’m about to die. But listen, have you ever been to India?”

“No, there’s only like 10 cities I’m allowed to travel to, you know that.”

“Well pack your bags because you’re going to Bollywood!”


“It’s like Hollywood but in India. My daughter told me all about it. She loves this movie called Dhoom. Have you seen it?”


“What about Dhoom 2?”


“Dhoom 3?”


“Well it’s like the Fast & Furious series but with singing and dancing. Apparently it gave my daughter All The Feels?”

“Simon,” Kim said, patiently. “Why are you calling?”

“Oh right. I want you to meet Rani Khosla, the famous Bollywood actress. If you hit it off there’ll be a great role for you in a movie with her and Kim, filming in New Delhi!”

“No way, cool! I’m into it.”

“Wonderful, I thought you might be. Meet Rani at Ganzervele and see how you like each other.”

Kim hung up and immediately flew to New York. She found the Ganzervele in Tribeca, where Rani was waiting for her. Rani was very attractive and chill so Kim felt instantly at ease with her. They hung out in the hotel room, practicing dance moves and raiding the minibar. 

“Okay this was fun!” Rani said, after a few minutes. “We’re going to have the best time in New Delhi. I need to jet back to finish up a few scenes, but you should plan on meeting me there in 12 hours. Ram Patel, the director, has arranged a private jet for you, so you can travel in style. It’ll be waiting at LAX.”

“Sounds great!” Kim said.

They hugged.

“Awesome. See you there!,” Rani said, turning to leave.

“Wait!” Kim said. “I should probably ask what’s the movie about?”

“Oh duh, right!” Rani said, laughing. “It’s a really great script. It’s about this woman who finds herself in a strange new land. She inadvertently upsets this other woman who then becomes her arch enemy. Each is intent on destroying the other as they become locked in a desperate race to become the biggest star in Bollywood.  It’s a great story, very well written. It’s funny, it’s weird and creepy, it’s filled with magic and celebrity cameos. It’s basically amazing. It’s an entertaining yet thoughtful critique on the nature of stardom, but at the same time it’s also a powerful feminist statement.” 

“Wow, sounds amazing,” Kim said. “I can totally see why Other Kim thought of me for this movie.” 

Rani nodded. “I know, right? It’s going to be so fun. You’ll make the perfect villain. Well, see you on set, bye!”

Kim stood absolutely frozen in shock as Rani left the room. A storm cloud materialized over Kim’s head as her bewildered thoughts shot out like lightning bolts.

Umm? Excuse me? The villain? Lol wut?

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