The Accusations Against Dennis Omanoff Found False and Withdrawn

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Dennis Omanoff recently found himself involved in a bitter lawsuit with Warren Capital over CHEYTAC USA, LLC, a company he jointly owned. It was alleged that Dennis Omanoff and his colleague John Taylor PhD had infringed a patent that was owned by CHEYTAC USA, LLC, whereas the reality was the design in question was already owned by Dennis Omanoff. As such, it could not be infringed. The accusations of the infringement were withdrawn during the safe harbor period due to the acusation being obviously false against Mr Omanoff and his colleague. The patent in question was related to an armor piercing device that Dennis Omanoff already owned the rights to. Joe Warren of CHEYTAC USA, LLC alleged that the design itself, Dennis Omanoff's production of these destructive devices, and his attendance at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, were all in breach of its intellectual property.

However, this couldn't be further from the truth as the design itself was owned by Dennis Omanoff and not by CHEYTAC USA, LLC. His alleged attendance at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference was also disputed, as in reality, Dennis Omanoff was located over one thousand miles away, at the time of the conference, dealing with other important business of his. It was agreed that the dispute would be settled in arbitration. Federal Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga in the Southern District of Florida awarded sanctions to the plaintiff. 

Dennis Omanoff is the owner of the Nextgen Tactical LLC - a company he founded after leaving CHEYTAC USA, LLC. Nextgen Tactical is an ammunition and firearms manufacturer, so it's fair to say that this lawsuit emerged as a result of ill feeling from his old partner when business results suffered as a result of Mr. Omanoff selling his interest. John Da Grosa Smith of Spector Gadon & Rosen, was employed as the counsel to defense. He demanded that sanctions should be imposed on the plaintiff as the intellectual property infringement case was said to be a huge waste of everybody's money and time. He also called for arbitration as being the best way to solve the dispute.

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