Chapter 21

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The ride back to the hotel was uncomfortable.

"Are you mad at me Lucy?" John kept looking at her as he drove.

"I'm fine John. Pay attention to the road," Lucy said, her cool tone clearly indicating that she was anything but fine.

"I'm sorry Lucy. I really thought it was just some random prank. How was I supposed to know it would happen again?"

Lucy shook her head, "You couldn't have known John." She turned her body away from him and stared at the window. She touched her lips and thought of Holden. Why had he kissed her? Why didn't she push him away?

"You keep saying you're fine but you seem pissed so tell me what's going on Lucy. Why are you angry?"

"You tell me first. Why was your phone off?"

"My phone? phone. Well it hasn't been working."

Lucy rolled her eyes, "Oh yeah? Did you get it fixed? I guess you must've since you got Donna's messages."

John cleared his throat, "Yeah. It was just a battery problem. Listen Lucy, I swear I would've never left you alone if I thought you were in danger. I love you! I wouldn't want to lose you. You know that, right? Please tell me you know that."

"Was there really an emergency at work?"

"What?" John turned into the hotel parking lot.

"I asked if there was really an emergency at work," Lucy repeated.

"Why are you asking me that?"

Before Lucy could answer his question, he opened the door to his truck and pulled out their luggage for the night. He had gone back to their house and packed some clothes for the both of them.

Lucy followed him, "Because I called George and he didn't seem to know anything about an emergency!"

John looked around as a few other people looked in the direction of the yelling woman that was Lucy, "Will you calm down. People are staring."

"I don't care if people can't mind their own business and want to stare at me!" Lucy shouted while looking at the people John was referring to.

"You don't care but I do so stop yelling."

"Why? So you can try and change the subject? Why didn't George know about the emergency?"

"I don't know Lucy. George is an idiot!" John yelled the last part, forgetting the warning he had just given Lucy about yelling. "Why would you even call him anyway?"

"Because I couldn't get through to you!"

"Then leave a message for me Lucy and I'll get to it. That's what normal people do. They don't call everyone they can think of and stalk their boyfriends!"

"Then you must not have had many serious girlfriends!" The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them.

John laughed and shook his head, "I'm sorry Lucy. I don't know why George didn't know about what was going on at work. You can ask him later if you want."

"Why not now?" Lucy asked suspiciously.

"Because right now...I want us to get some sleep. Okay?"

Lucy let him walk ahead of her before shouting, "Don't think this is over John!" She thought she heard him laugh but she wasn't sure. Lucy followed him to the elevators, "Why aren't we checking in?"

"I did that earlier after Donna told me what was going on."

"So instead of rushing to my side, you checked into a hotel first?" Lucy began cursing under her breath.

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