Chapter 8

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Logan Freestone aimlessly wandered through the streets in hopes of some entertainment. He, his mother and his little sister had just moved to the small town in Maryland, a huge contrast to his lifestyle of sunny beaches in California. He hasn't met anyone, which means he has yet to make any friends, but he's never been interested in that, small town people are not his ideal choice of friends.

He kept his hands in his hoodie pocket in hopes of radiating some heat, the chilly breeze blowing through his face making the tip of his nose feel like it's about to fall off. Every breath he took, a cold cloud of air would escape his mouth, his lips slowly becoming numb. He hasn't seen much of the town, but from what he's witnessed so far, he could only surmise that this would be as exciting as it gets.


Logan solemnly trudged through the hallways with his hoodie covering as much of his face as it could, hoping it would shield him from everyone's gazes. It's not that he was ashamed of anyone seeing him, he just didn't want to look approachable. He didn't want to have to go through the trivial phases of friendship for the sixth consecutive time. He wouldn't allow himself to build any connections, because the second he did, his family would pack up and move once again. It had become a vicious cycle; one he didn't want to have to suffer through again.

He kept his head lowered as he hurriedly made his way into the nearest bathroom, ecstatic that the bathrooms were vacant. He walked to the nearest faucet and glanced at his pale figure in the mirror, drops of perspiration gliding down his forehead.

He took deep, steady, breaths, feeling like the walls were slowly closing in on him. He lifted the sleeves of his hoodie up, scowling at the sight of the large scar running down his left arm, stopping just above his wrist. The scar was beginning to heal, but the painful memories that came with it will never vanish from his mind.


Hazel glanced at a section in her algebra textbook, skillfully maneuvering her way through the hallways, avoiding the oncoming traffic of students. She glanced up for a second, having to do a double take at the familiar figure near her locker.

"Isabelle?" She questioned as she approached her newfound friend, a look of shock on her face. "I didn't expect you back so soon."

Isabelle turned to her with a grin before grabbing her own textbooks out of her locker.

"My parents didn't want me to, but I needed to get out of the house." She stated and slammed her locker door shut, the vibration of steel echoing through the crowded hallway. "I need a distraction."

They sauntered through the hallway, with lots of time to spare before the school day would commence.

"I was thinking we go to the party that Gabrielle Gomez is hosting." Isabelle stated followed by an excited squeal.

"We hate parties, and human interaction in general, hence the reason we kind of became friends." Hazel glumly stated, causing her friend to playfully roll her eyes.

"It's time we try something new." Isabelle nudged her friend with a smirk. "Life is short, and we need to live it while we still can."

Hazel watched as her friend walked off, an unusual and unexpected bounce in her step. She couldn't decide if Isabelle was hurriedly coming to terms with her sister's death, or if she was bottling everything in, making her combustion inevitable. She, however, did know that she needed to be there for Isabelle when that unavoidable day arrives.


Shaun shoved his way through the crowd of drunken teenagers in hopes of finding Carmen. He'd been trying to reach her for over a week, but it was like she had disappeared off the face of the earth, until her social media obsession reawakened, dozens of posts on her Instagram being uploaded continuously. It was a picture of her, the cliché red cup in her hand and a wide smile on her face. Shaun didn't mind that she had failed to mention she would be at the party, but what upset him was the person in the picture with her. He didn't recognize the boy, but he didn't care, all he cared about was the fact that his arm was firmly wrapped around his girlfriend's waist, with his hand comfortably placed on her hip.

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