Digital Marketing Strategy 2020 - What Not To Do In Search Engine Writing

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When it comes to search engine optimization, there are a number of don'ts that should be remembered. And this even extends to content and article writing.

If you are aware of the best practices for article writing for SEO purposes, then you should know that there are practices that should be avoided as well when it comes to article and content writing. And these practices to avoid are listed below for your convenience.

1. Don't overstuff the content with keywords. This is often resorted to by many inexperienced publishers thinking that the search engines will favour their content since there are more keywords stuffed in the content. But in search engine optimization and in the real online world, it's not about the volume of the keywords that are used in the content.

It's all about the right number and the quality of the keywords that are used. It's true that search engines will look to match the query of the users and the keywords that are used for the content. But placing on top of the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs is governed by a number of factors.

So what is important here is to use the keywords in the content sparingly in order not to upset the readers who find the content as forced and artificial.

2. It is important that you strike the balance between the need to please the search engines and the readers. You can load up keywords into the content, but make sure that these keywords do fit in naturally on the content.

3. You may be tempted to let others select and identify the keywords that can be used for your campaign. Don't do this. Don't just try out all the keywords that are offered to you by these SEO firms. What you can do is to take a good look at the recommended listing of keywords and check if the keywords will fit into the style of writing. Again, keywords should be used when it fits naturally into the content.

4. When using key phrases, it is important that the relevant ones should be the one that should be used. All phrases should be related to the focus on the site. And don't include a keyword or phrase simply because this is the 'hot' key phrase of the moment. Stay in line with the focus of the site and stick with it.

Say you include one foreign key phrase since you want to take that opportunity to pull the traffic. If the user does visit the site and founds out that he/she is misled, then the user will simply leave and this contributes to poor user experience. This will undermine the reputation of the site online.

5. It can serve as a good strategy to adopt the misspellings of the keywords. But using the correct spelling and the misspellings on the same content will not make your content valuable in the eyes of readers and site visitors. It just doesn't look good if these two are combined in a single content.

6. It is also a good move not to use the same key phrases over and over again. You can creatively get away with this by using the correct and appropriate punctuation marks.

7. The ALT tags and the image attributes should not be taken for granted. The tags are the ones that are associated with the images on the page. Content writing with special emphasis to search engine optimization means taking these considerations seriously. Get this done, and your articles will be primed for traffic and the search engine spiders.

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