ch.3 part1

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A beautiful morning it is. "Goodmorning beautiful yet disastrous world." Ugh, I can smell my own breath. It stinks. I needa go brush my teeth. I let out the biggest yawn before going to the bathroom. I take a quick shower, then head for breakfast. I should enjoy this while I can. I won't get to go back to bed after breakfast when I start school. And I probably have to wake up earlier. Life sucks.

I start to cook pancakes with chocolates inside, and bacon. It's my mother's favorite breakfast food. Afterward I very quickly eat my food, not savoring any of it. Immediately once finished I pick up the plate I made for my mother, and walk upstairs to her room. Hope she likes breakfast in bed. Why I'm doing this you might ask? Well if I die in this mission I want my mother to be happy. Like a beautiful cloudy day go rainy. Or something.

I didn't knock. I walked right it. I put the plate on her bedside table. I shook her gently. "Shusseisha... Shusseisha wake up please." I whispered, as if she was something that could brake so easily. "I have food~" and immediately after my mother yeeted herself awake. "Food?" She questioned. "Yeah, I made breakfast for you today. And remember you don't have work today, so don't go off and ask for some hours today. Relax." I smiled softly, still whispering. She yawned before starting her sentence. "You never worried about it before. When did you get so responsible?" I frowned, believing she was thinking something's off. "GaSp, my little lazy potato has grown up!" She literally says the word gasp, over extraditing. To my relief, she wasn't worried one bit.

I put the plate on her lap. "Breakfast in bed, eat up." She kisses my cheek. "Thank you. Get some more rest, you look tired." Mentally, yeah. Who is this KS and why do they need to win against Saiki? No, for now, forget. Be happy. "Whatever you say. You are the queen of the house." I over exaggerated the word 'are'. "I'll see you when you wake up. I've already registered you for school. You'll start in 2-5 days."
"Yes, Shusseisha." I gave a simple response.

I kissed her on the cheek. She took a bite of the pancake, then waved me off. I walked off to my room. Should I tell Shun-kun? No.. I can't get caught. I can't have KS hurt anyone. Although... Saiki might have multiple powers.. what if he can read minds? If he reads my mind, I can tell him that way. What if there are others like us? I think I heard Kaidou say something about a purple haired pervert, and a blond hottie but meanie. I fall on to my bed. "I should just go to sleep." I whispered to no one in particular. Why do I keep whispering today?

I pull the covers above me. It's warm.. so comfy. Wait a minute! Me and Saiki can meet today! So nerve wracking. I'm super excited. There's a problem with that though.. "Fuck anxiety.. language me." Mental note, don't embarrass yourself. I better call up Kaidou. After his, soon to be my, school ends. Oh my goodness, I hope I don't have to introduce myself.... Ugh, ofcourse I have to. I mean, don't all transfers have to? I'm getting off topic. I should practice right? Yeah imma practice.

"Hey I'm l/n y/n. Please take good care of me." No, makes me seem too weak.
"I'm l/n y/n. Not here to make friends. So don't bother me." Too ruff and unfriendly. "Hello, I'm l/n y/n, I hope we can all be friends." Too basic. "Hai I'm l/n y/n, I will be the best classmate I can for everyone! I hope you do the same." Yeah, but I gotta add something to it. "But I'm here to learn, so don't bother me if you don't need me." Then I should smile and wave. This is perfect.

Soon enough I fall asleep. Snores were definitely, one hundred percent, ofcourse, not heard from my mouth. Definitely.

Timeskip brought to you by meh laziness 👉🏿👈🏻 👉👈

Me and Shun-kun are walking to an cafe. It looks pretty nice, but a little old fashioned. I like it. I wasn't paying attention to what my friend was saying. I was busy watching anime on my phone.The mystery fantasy kind ofcourse. The bloody kind, ofcourse. Don't ask me why I do this. Actually, why not? You see, it lets me get my psychotic side of out, without me being psychotic. I mean, how else would I deal with all this?

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