Getting ready for Mommy.

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I was coloring a detailed picture of a Dia De Los Muertos skull which was super detailed and I had to use super thin colored pencils. I sometimes go for simpler pics but I love skulls and pretty colors. Daddy was typing away at his computer. I was using his shoulder and side as a recliner. I heard his typing stop and a pair of lips on the top of my head. I giggled looking up to see an upside down smile. "We are leaving for Dave & Busters in about an hour, okay Emmy?" I nodded. I showed him the picture and he smiled "that's amazing baby girl. Seriously I love the color pattern around the eye sockets." I smiled that he noticed the part I was working so hard on. He also talks about a specific detail to let me know that he appreciates it and notices how hard I try. I wonder if Diane will notice.... I felt a poke on my cheek and I looked back up to see an upside down face of concern. "Talk to me baby girl." I sighed "what if she doesn't like me? What if she's mean? What if she tries to take you away from me like Veronica!" daddy sighed putting down his computer on the dresser and pulled the book from my hands and put it to the side. He picked me up with ease and positioned me so I was straddling him with our faces inches away from each other. He spoke softly "she will adore you just like I do. She isn't mean. I was extra thorough and made sure she knew how to act with you. And I don't care who tries to take me away from you I would watch the world burn if it meant keeping you with me and keeping you safe. Don't ever think otherwise, okay?" I nodded feeling better. He was cupping my face gently, like I was a fragile Rose. He pulled me in and kissed me gently. My entire body felt like electricity was running through it whenever he kissed me. He let his tongue gently poke into my mouth and I opened my mouth pulling his tongue in for an invitation. He pulled away and I sighed smiling again. "We got to to get dressed baby girl." I fell into him again huffing. He rubbed my back chuckling. "I'll carry you to the bedroom, how does that sound?" I nodded yes and wrapped myself around him like a Koala bear giggling. He got up and using only one hand to support my bum he walked to the bedroom and gently laid me down. He started going through my closet as I kicked my legs. "Do you wanna wear a dress or shorts and top?" "Games! Definitely shorts." He smiled nodding "you're so smart baby girl." The small compliment got me all fuzzy on the inside. I turned on my stomach to watch him. He was broad shouldered and definitely strong. He used to do powerlifting in highschool but slimmed down for functional reasons. I loved his forearms. Thick and strong and looked amazing with those sleeves rolled up. He bent down to get something out of my closet drawer and I poked his bum giggling. He turned to me and smiled he showed me a white tank top with sparkles on it and a pair of pink short shorts. I smiled at the two pieces of clothing. He was so good at picking my clothes! I nodded and he put them on the bed. "I'm going to go shower. Can you get dressed like a big girl?" I looked at the clothes and nodded smiling at him. He smiled kissing my forehead and walked to the bathroom with a towel in hand. I looked at the clothes and immediately started thinking about how to mess with Daddy. I decided on a classic. Daddy let's me pick out my bra and panties sometimes, like now. But he didn't SPECIFICALLY say I needed to wear them. I quickly hopped up and peeled my pink and white polkadot shirt off and slipped out of my purple night time short shorts. I pulled the shirt on and zipped up the shorts and looked at myself in the mirror. The white top was actually pretty thick so it wasn't sheer. But my nipples were poking out like little eraser tips. And my shorts at first glance didn't appear to be wrong but after a few seconds it was clear I had a bit of a camel toe and clearly no panty line. The shorts did slide up my crack a little bit giving me a wedgie look. Daddy likes the look! So maybe he won't complain. Hopefully if Daddy is distracted he won't notice. After a few minutes I saw Daddy emerge from the bathroom in just a towel. He wasn't chiseled like a Greek god or something. But there was a faint indication of ab muscle and he went to the gym regularly. Plus his auburn hair was wet and so was his chest. He did keep a very little amount of chest hair on him. I felt a churn in my naughty place and I couldn't help but bite my lip. Daddy turned to me and rolled his eyes a bit with a smile. "Baby you see me after the shower everyday." I reached out and pulled the towel off smiling. I saw his cock twitch and I leaned out to grab it but he pulled my hand away. "Baby we can have play time later but we are leaving soon." I groaned knowing he was right. I stared at his cute butt as he walked away. I wanted play time. Daddy slipped on a pair of boxers and jeans and he turned to me and smiled before petting my head. "I love you em. I promise we can have play time later, okay?" I nodded and hopped on my feet. Daddy looked at me puzzled. "Emmy..... position 7." I immediately turned around and bent over the bed supporting my weight on my elbows. Daddy trained me for 15 positions. This one I like cuz it turns daddy on a lot. And it usually results in spankings and rubs. I felt his hand gently start caressing my ass. I leaned back into his touch, arching my back more.  "Do you like it when Daddy grabs your cute lil bum." I nod and my breath quicken as I feel his grip tighten as his finger fiddles with the inner lining of my shorts just a few inches from my naughty spot. He spoke very softly "and you're my good princess who always follows the rules, right" I couldn't help but moan a bit as I felt his fingers slide up boarding my outter lips. I could only moan and nod. I felt his breath on my neck and he whispered softly. "Then why aren't you wearing a bra or panties?" And I gasped as I felt a hard smack on my ass I felt my shorts get pulled down revealing my ass and pussy. I whimpered and tried to pull my legs in to shield my modest but he spoke firmly "position 8." Instinctively I propped my legs on the bed still bent over except I pulled my hands to behind my back and lowered my chest. Resembling a true "head down, ass up" style. Presenting myself to Daddy. I did hear the pleasure in his voice "I know you get off on being exposed. If your panted little breaths weren't enough, your dripping wet kitty gives it away." I felt his hands gently graze against my outer lips and I tried to force his touch by leaning back but I was met with another hard smack. "I'm not giving you a spanking session cuz we don't have time. I could always make you where DD's" his tone thick with mocking. Without even thinking about it I turned and clung to him whining "nooooooooooo. I hate DD's." Deluxe Diapers (or DD's) are these super padded thick diapers I wear whenever I go into super brat and little space. My bladder is usually the first thing to go whenever I start getting cranky, fussy, or too little. Daddy also uses them for punishment on occasion. I looked up pouting "I'm sorry Daddy, I promise to get dressed like a good girl. I really don't want Diane's first time to see me is when I can't walk normal cuz my diaper is too big." His face softened at the last comment which even surprised me a little. He nodded before cupping my face. "Okay, no DD's Emmy. But I'm still giving you a bit of punishment. Position 8, and next time don't leave a position without my direct instruction. I nodded and turned back around to assume the position. I expected a seat or two, or maybe his belt, even a butt plug. I did not expect his tongue to suddenly drag across my full sensitive kitty. I gasped and started whimpering as he slowly started devouring me. Teasing my inner and outer folds to circle my clit with his tongue. After only 30 seconds I start rocking back and forth against his mouth. "Daddy I'm close!" And then he pulled his tongue away quickly. I expected his fingers, or even his cock.... but I didn't feel anything. I could hear the smile in his tone "go put on panties AND a bra." He patted my butt "you can relax and move from the position. "But, daddy? Why can't I...." and he spoke kindly but firmly "I said it was a punishment. Now if you want to cum you can wait until AFTER Dave&Busters." I felt myself dripping with excitement but I huffed in acceptance. "Yes daddy." I stood up walking over to my dresser and I felt a pinch on my bum which made me smile. I showed daddy two sets of undies. Frilly white with a cheeky cut or a dark red high waisted thong. daddy pondered "we don't want that thong peaking out from your shorts. So go with the white ones." I nodded before walking up to him and sticking my arms out. He smiled and slipped the panties up my legs and tugging them up to give me a bit of a wedgie. He loves the scrunch butt look. He picked up my shorts and slid them up my legs. He peeled off my top and gestured for me to turn around. I did so and he clasped my matching bra. Which did help give me a bit of cleavage which is rare cuz my boobs are so small. He put my top back on and he pulled me towards the mirror. I stood in front of him and he leaned down to rest his head on my shoulder "you look so beautiful my little Emmy." He said his hands up to squeeze me from behind. "You're also adorable. I know you like it when Daddy helps you get dressed. You can be a big girl, but still be my adorable little angel at the same time." I blushed and smiled at his words leaning back against him. He kissed  my cheek and squeezed me for a second time.

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