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                  TaNasia Johnson|Nae
Three years ago...
      "NAEEEEEEEE" a voice boomed through the house.

"Ughhhh" it was too early in the morning for all that hollering.

      I rolled over looking at the clock on my phone to see it only 9 a.m. to mind you its a Saturday as in the weekend.

     "YESSSSS" i yelled , i get no answer so i screamed again.

       "YESSSS" still no answer so i rolled over to get out the bed making my way downstairs.

    "im tired of this motherfucking shit all these got damn stairs" i mumbled to myself finally making it downstairs. I see my big brother standing there looking all dumb and shit.

  "what do you want " i mumbled.

  "come to the sto wimme " he said i looked at him like he was crazy, like this mf really woke me up to go to the store with him.

  "no im tired, do you see what time it is go by yo damn self" i said walking back up the stairs.

   "BRING ME SOME GUMMIES BACK" i yelled from the top of the stairs.

5 hours later...
   "damn this nigga still aint back with my gummies" i said finally getting out the bed, after he left i just slept expecting him to wake me up with my gummies but i guess not.

I walked down stairs to see my pops holding my mama while she was crying.

"whats going on" i questioned , that only made her break down worse.

My pops got up and told me something i never expected to hear, when i heard that my heart shattered.


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li.naee you was my bestfriend, my ride or die , my everything, and most importantly you was my big brother i promise you them niggas not gone get away with what they did to you on my soul R.I.P Big Crip 💙♿️
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This my very first book please dont judge me.
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