Chapter Thirty-One

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"You said we were going to get pizza," Lauren said. She, Ben, and Ethan were sitting in a van outside of Mia's house. Ethan hadn't told them about his suspicions because he knew they wouldn't come and think he was crazy.

But he knew he wasn't crazy. He recognized her face. His mother showed him the file when he was younger about her. The hunter's secret weapon. Until she disappeared.

"It was the only thing I could think of to get you to come with me. But trust me, this is important."

"What's more important that dinner?" Ben grumbled and slouched in his seat.

"Guys, if I'm right about this, then we'll walk back into HQ as heroes."

Lauren rolled her eyes. "Sure, okay. I might believe you if you would actually tell us what it was. All I know is that we're sitting outside some stupid house."

"Pizza-less," Ben added.

Ethan gripped the steering wheel. He didn't want to say anything unless he was absolutely sure, but if he didn't, they might leave. And even though Mia was just one person, she was smart. "Look, I know you can't see it very well from the pictures online that we saw of that Mia girl, but you didn't see her in person. In-person, she looks almost exactly like Lora Luna."

"Lora Luna?" Lauren asked. "Didn't she die?"

"Went missing, I think," Ben said.

"How she left isn't the point. The point is that I think Mia might be related to her," Ethan said.

Lauren leaned forward and stuck her head between the two front seats. "How do you know she doesn't just look like her? I mean, I think I read somewhere that there are at least three people in the world who look almost exactly like you or something like that. What makes you think they're related?"

"I saw her use a crystal."

Lauren's mouth dropped. "You saw her use a crystal and you didn't say anything?"

"Your mom will have your ass for this." Ben shook his head and turned to the window.

"Yeah, I know I should have said something, but Vince convinced me not to because he thought he could get her to come in on her own. But, I'm not so sure anymore. I think she's going to run."

"We can't let her do that. We need her," Lauren said.

"That's why I brought you guys. We're going to take her in tonight and get this whole thing straightened out." He pulled a blue crystal out from his pocket and handed it to Lauren.

"Are you sure?" She asked. "You nearly bit my head off last time when I asked to use it."

"We only have one shot at this and we have to succeed."

"This is a really bad idea," Ben said. "Let's get it over with."

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