Humanity {Kokushibo}

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✦ Fluff, slight manga spoilers (his existence).


Sitting on the rooftop, humming love songs while looking at the sky, you started to wonder what your life was like when you were a human. It had been over a century since he made you a demon, your memories left your head the moment that happened. Although you were happy with your life, curiosity had settled its nest inside you, making you question what your human life was like.

“Hmm...” you hummed, hugging your knees and resting your head on top of them.

“What is it? I can see you're lost in thoughts again.”

He was, at the very least, the one responsible for most of your daydreaming, yet he questioned every single one of them.

You couldn't help it, your heart jolted with joy at the sight of him. He was your lover and master, after all.

“I was just thinking about what being a human was like” you answered in a soothing tone, observing him as he sat next to you.

“Are you not satisfied with your current state?”

His gaze pierced through you. While for some it'd be terrifying, for you it was as if he could see every feeling that you wished for him to feel.

“No, it's not that. I'm happy being a demon.” you turned towards the sky, the stars' reflexion in your own (color) eyes. “I do wonder, what was it like when I was human? Was I different than how I am right now? I keep questioning that over and over.”

You sighed, lost in memories of your early days as a demon. He was so firm but others, yet so gentle with you. Your first memory was meeting him, you craved blood the second you woke up. A human converted into a bloodthirsty demon.

“Was I kind or selfish? Courageous or cowardly? How did I... look like?”

With his ever-so-stern stare, he admired how the moonlight bathed you, how the stars seemed to shine just for you. He kept staring, until he made up his mind, then he took your hands between his unexpectedly. You were so nervous by his actions that you almost forgot to breathe. He was fixated on your hands; no nervousness, no agitation, completely numb.

“You weren't patient. You tried your best to remain strong, but I knew how vulnerable you were inside. You had a difficult time expressing your emotions to others, despite feeling all the world's love towards the undeserving. You were the kind of person who cried alone, but wished for someone to be next to you. You weren't easily swayed by what others said of you, nor did you believe rumors of what people thought of others. When you were human you were the most beautiful creature I'd laid my eyes upon, and even now... you still are.” he caressed your hands with his thumbs, your hands were cold but your heart was warm. He knew it.

Lost in his words, his voice, his (many) eyes, you could barely process everything he was saying. It had been years since you became a demon, and not once did he mention how you were as a human. You assumed he found you useful for Muzan and gave you his blood solely for that purpose. You had no idea he had known your human self.

You took a deep breath, tears gathering in your eyes due to what he was saying.

“How did I become a demon?”

He took a minute before answering, contemplating the correct choice of words.

“I made you.” he said, slowly, as to be sure you could process the words as they escaped his mouth “I made you drink my blood.”

You frowned, wishing for him to explain further. It didn't bother you the fact that he had just confessed that he'd forced you, just wanted to know the reasons behind it.

He still looked down at your intertwined hands. His soul weighted with sorrow, you could feel it in your bones.

“I didn't want to lose you. I forced you because I was selfish.”

Your features softened as soon as he said that. For once, he looked so vulnerable, something he'd only allow himself to do in front of you. A tender smile reached your face. Your arms surrendered his figure in a loving hug, one of your hands caressed his long black hair.

“Don't feel guilty, Kokushibo. You did the right thing, because now we can spend our eternity together, right?”

Despite you weren't directly looking at his face, you knew he had that perfect small smile that made your heart flutter.

“I love you.” he whispered, sinking into your scent “I always have, I always will.”

You tightened the hug, closing your eyes.

“I love you too.”


Author's note: I'm sorry I disappeared. Online classes are really tough on me, I hate them! Btw, I hope you guys are okay with all the stuff that's been happening lately. 2020 it's been such a mess.

Anyway, I'll keep updating as soon as I have free time. There's a lot of requests I have to caught up with!

Love you ❤

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