Ivy's birthday Celebration

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I was furious with myself for letting myself still feel for Nefertari as it was quite obvious that she had completely removed me from her life. In her dazed state, she was calling out to Yali, even though she knows that he would never come to save her. If I had spoken to her and let my concern be known, she would have definitely taken me to be a fool in love, someone who is unable to move on from her. I will show her tonight, that she is no longer an important person to me. I will prove to everyone that Nefertari is my PAST.

Later that evening I wore my Royal attire and adorned myself with the jewelry that I only use for special occasions

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Later that evening I wore my Royal attire and adorned myself with the jewelry that I only use for special occasions. I wanted everyone to take one glance at me and know that Ivy's birthday celebration was an important occasion for me. I walked silently into my harem and noticed that the passage ways were empty , indicating that all the consorts had made their way to the harem hall. My arrival was announced as the doors to the hall were opened. All the consorts stood up and bowed respectfully as I made my way up to the seat reserved for me. I couldn't help but look around trying to spot Nefertari but it was a difficult task as the whole hall was filled with many people including the consorts, dancers, musicians and the food servers.

I fixated my eyes on the star of the evening, Ivy. She looked fabulous in her weaved cotton dress that exposed her cleavage and her beautiful thighs. The dress had a gold lining which looked very grand and the short wig with the gold ornaments hanging at the end of the braids added to her look. I truthfully admit that she looked like someone who was born to be the "Great Royal Wife" of a Pharaoh. Now that I think of it , it must have been a childhood dream that she had been weaving. May be she desperately wants to climb up the power ranks in the inner court hierarchy.

As I walked up to her , she bowed in courtesy and smiled at me. I took her hand and laid a gentle kiss on it before I turned our positions to face my consorts who have gathered at the celebration.

" I wish you a very happy birthday my dear Consort, Ivy. May all that you wish come true."

" All that I wish is to be yours , your Majesty" she said and instantly started blushing. The whole hall became silent anticipating my next words or action. I looked around and noticed that leaning on a pillar was Nefertari, my former Royal Wife who betrayed me. From where I was standing I could see that Ivy's words did affect her and she was also curious about what I would do or say. I decided to play along.

I pulled Ivy into my embrace before I lovingly said aloud " You have been mine since the first day that I laid my eyes on you. I have do come to realize that you are my ONLY consort that deserves to sit by my side and to be called my Royal Wife. I know you will never betray me." The crowd started to gasp in surprise when I said that. I took a quick glance at Nefertari and I clearly saw that my words have affected her. She was rubbing her chest with her right hand while she used the free hand to gain support from the pillar she was leaning onto. Her pain always affected me but I was not done yet. I needed her to understand how hurt I become in the context of Yali.

I smirked at Nefertari before I pulled Ivy into a sudden yet passionate kiss. I let everyone watch in disbelief as we made out in public, groping each other's bodies , making Ivy almost lose her balance. In the corner of my head , it was nudging me to stop what I was doing but I knew that Nefertari would have never seen this coming, so I enjoyed it a little bit.

When I moved my lips away from Ivy's , I noticed that I have messed up her wig and her grand cotton dress , but I saw lust pooling in her eyes. She was satisfied from the make out session and she needed more. I knew I had to keep things under control for the moment because Mentus was investigating Ivy and her Uncle's secret meetings.I would most definitely not have sex with her till I confirm that she does not have any secret activity within my kingdom.

I took her hand in mine and walked into the middle of the gathered crowd. I could still hear some consorts clapping from excitement. The reason that my kiss with Ivy created such a massive hype in the harem is that this is the first time that I, the Pharaoh of Egypt ever displayed physical affection for a consort in public. No matter how much I loved Nefertari , even when she was my Royal Wife, I never made out in public. I have only pecked her on her lips, so this was indeed a big deal. I took the hand of Ivy and walked towards the pillar that Nefertari was leaning on to. I saw that Nefertari was wearing a loose gown made of a low quality fabric and the bruises caused by the metal chains around her neck and limbs were quite visible to everyone. I looked directly into Nefertari's eyes as I pulled Ivy into my embrace.

" Today  I would like to make an announcement to all of you " I said with my eyes still fixated on Nefertari. I pointed my finger towards her and said " I would like to announce to you all that after a month from the day that this woman is executed, I will make my level 2 consort Ivy, My Great Royal Wife." Every one in the audience started to clap and gather around Ivy to congratulate her. Some consorts congratulated aloud to the both of us, saying that it is now that Egypt would be receiving a Great Royal Wife that it deserves. Amidst all the wishes flowing , I noticed that Nefertari was walking away from the hall. I excused myself and followed her. When she was in a closer distance, I called out to her.

" Are you not going to wish me and my future Royal Wife?". She turned around and looked at me with a blank face."My well wishes are always with you, your Majesty." Saying that she tried to walk away. I couldn't help but laugh sarcastically. She turned to look at me.

"Are you saying that you wish what is best for me? That's weird to hear it coming out of the Hittite spy. If you really wished what is best for me, you would have killed yourself before betraying my trust." I walked up to her and tilted her face to look at her directly. " Since you are still breathing I think you are just blabbering nonsense ."  A lone tear trailed down her eye , which she wiped away quickly. "If you don't have anything else to say your Majesty, I would like to go to my chamber to rest. My child has been keeping me up for the past few days."

I raised an eyebrow confused by what she said. She understood I am lost on how it is possible. She slowly took my hand and placed it on her stomach. I tried to pull it away but she used her other hand to hold my hand still. Suddenly I felt a movement in her stomach, it felt like a small leg just kicked my palm. She looked at me with a blank face , just observing my reaction. Once again mixed feelings erupted through my heart,  a stride of happiness and a pang of pain as this child will be killed in a few days.

I pulled my hand away and looked at her , confused as to why she would allow me to feel the baby's movement. " Why did you make me feel that?" She took a step close to me and whispered "Probably because this would be the ONLY time you would feel YOUR child move. You see your Majesty, this might be the only memory that you would have of your heir before he or she would be burnt to death. I just wanted you to have one memory. That's all." Saying that she smiled lightly before dragging her body with the slow movements to get to her room.

I stood there frozen , reminiscing about what she said. I know that my verdict was cruel but it is the law that my kingdom abides by. I don't have the strength to watch them die. I hate Nefertari and her child from the bottom of my heart but I will not watch them die. That's my decision. I'm leaving to the Mittani border tomorrow and I will only return after the execution would be carried out.

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