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Hey, thanks for reading 'Earthwitch'! It's so much fun bringing you this story, and as a daily serial novel, updating is one of the things I look forward to each day. In fact, it's a daily struggle not to dump all the chapters on you at once, but there's a good reason for that!

Writing fiction is a small section of my part-time income. Right now, it pays my internet bill so I can keep bringing you Anele, Wenyanga, Salleh (and Thula and Older Sister on occasion!). The plan is to go full time and the steps building towards that are... gruelling but rewarding. This is just a small reminder that if you'd like to support that journey, there are many ways both big and small.

The first, of course, is voting, commenting, and sharing right here on Wattpad. Your comments make my day and I enjoy replying to them and connecting with each of you. They also nudge the algorithm along and help new readers find the story -- so every vote counts and every comment is a chance for us to hang!

The second method of support is cross-reading/voting/subscribing on Tapas. I'm a multiplatform author, and believe creators should have their works available to more than one audience. If you have a Tapas account, there's a link in the inline comment to this paragraph if you'd like to throw a vote or a subscription in that side. 

The third way is the big one. Patreon. The goal is to eventually get 'Earthwitch' into a premium serialisation programme, but I know a lot of readers were left in the dust when Nomvula went into Paid Stories before it was complete. As such, 'Earthwitch' will remain 100% free at least until completion so everyone will have a chance to see the story through. That said, if you'd like to contribute something in the meantime (and binge all available chapters as they're written!), then consider becoming a Patron. 

All written chapters are available at all tiers, but there are some other neat perks in there as well as of this month. Not least of all a poll on which two characters you'd like to see in a short story together: Nomvula and Wenyanga, Anele and Anathi, Qaram and Salleh and Siggi... the possibilities are endless, but you've got to vote! If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, the Patreon link is in the inline comment to this paragraph.

Once again, thank you so much for your continued support. Your reads push this story and you all push me to write more and write better. 



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