Bride to be (major reconstruction)

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THIS IS NOT MY FIRST STORY BUT MY FIRST UPLOAD, so be rude. I mean it you'll be helping me. A writer needs criticism as guys need porn; IT'S EDUCATIONAL right.


Chapter 1

"Huddle!" -yelled an old bald stud over the clamoring noises of puberty struck hoarse voices of young adult men. Over the sideline, I saw the most beautiful human that ever existed in earth or any dreamland, for a second I didn't hear the rush of the bell, the cheering crowd or the rowdy men canopying me, he stood out like a flower among the green meadow superior and majestic. When he winked at me I stumbled back to reality literally.

I laid on my face until a brotherly voice said-"Nervous, hah! Flower"dallus nourishingly brushed me off, with another hand steadying me up and into mid-air like a feather.

"Buckle up solzah gal, the game has not started yet and you are already on your feet", Mo said violently putting my helmet on my dark and tightly cupped hair.

"TEAM!!!! Focus we are about to make history, this is our first league together as team AS ORACLE! I'm proud of myself to have assembled such an excellent team. Now Let's make our first game memorable for ourselves and them too", coach said pointing toward the green jreseyed opposition home team.

"Meditate for a minute, be in all the peace you want to be because the next couple of hour this is going to be slaughter house!" enraged our manager, Robbie coach's son who took a leave from his college and is going to be with us the whole league and has been slaving us for the past few months and making our lives living hells (mark the plurality); how fortunate of us.

"Wakey, sleeping Buddhas, time to dozer them!" Robbie kicked the red head, Norman who was flirting with the girl over the fence.

I haughtily stood up but inside I was sacred to shit! Coach smelled my fear and whispered in my ear-"Make Dad proud son!" he turned to the group and said-"We will make history my children, engrave your name today in this battle field, 'oracle' on 1-2-3".

"ORACLE", we exploded.

My love for this game burned out the fear, nothing was in the way of victory not even the fact of me being five foot five inch or me about to be thrown about by boys weighing thrice as me or me being a girl-quarterback; YUP nothing is in my path to destiny.

I marched and eyed each of my teammates; they looked determined and very ecstatic. I roared and they followed the din. I hate being the center of attention but can't help it if you're the only girl in the football team, I am getting used to it.

"Set, team fourty7'alarm, hutt!" Mo cried . In a nick of time I grabbed the ball and tossed it to Ero who went past the giant wall as a Childs play, I myself knocked out oppositions two defender and went toward out set lane where Ero threw the ball several heights above before he got run down my meaty layers of defenders. I raved towards the flying ball and embraced it tightly to my stomach and a rabid group of players launched at me who I clumsily avoided with the ball glued to my fossilized chest.

After a seconds dash I heard "???touchdown!!$???" and the rest of the game went as swiftly as a roller coaster ride with us having less or no trouble scoring twenty three against them.

[At locker/ meeting room]

"Total of twenty four to eleven, Not bad for cradlers", Coach said joyously. "Now scoot and embezzle your self, I have places to be" -coach said with faked annoyance.

After few minutes all the boys had ran off to the nearest bar successfully dragging coach. I helped Robbie load our stuffs in the bus and bid him goodnight.

I took my sweet bike, the R'A1-5 that makes every youngster jealous to a victory ride near the theme park, I used to come when I stayed in hostel here for three years.

I love this place like a dogs love meat, but everything happens for the good. If I hadn't come back home and stayed here I would have become the victim of the thunderstorm and died along all my ex-school mates; it's shocking that no one survived as if they had been wiped them off .

God! what is happening to me i am all emo and I thought BELLA in twilight was sentimental, I am here in a sinisterly park glooming about the stupid past- "I NEED WEED MAN!" I exhaled after I let my frustration pass by my stupid comment.

Heading to the nursery left of the storage building. I zip open my jacket to let the fresh air caress my chest. The small stream and reservoir pond still at hand as it was eight years ago. I pulled out my Iphone to stop me from reminiscing about the sour past and take a nap as I was tried as a sloth and i was soon in dreamland.



" You can't run for long Jared, can't escape today. A deal is a deal, I kept mine now you must keep your end of the bargain ", said a voice full of intelligence ..... in the distance

" but she is my blood , my daughter . I will never give her up", cried a breathless voice coming closer.

"I need this child cousin , I gave life to your unborn you know that without me your wife and child both would be dead. I'm doing this to keep our genesis animate .You must hand over the infant ............I don't want to retort violence you know better cousin!"

"My wife should atleast get to see her daughter"

"There is no motive in that ,she will mourn for her live child and never forget her and forgive you for losing her child.", the guy with wings said like a forewarning .

"I understand, wait I have something for her, it's a charm",James said reaching his wallet ; a biconcave vessel with a shinning fiber compressed in scarlet malice flume .

"Only , because you are family and have never despised me I shall allow this ominous object to be around her forever, Now I must hurry as the wind has come to caution me , Don't worry cousin I'll keep her safe"

"Laurence, don't let anything harm her. i trust you. Thank you brother."

A cold air stirred and the vision got even blacker but warm and the howling to dog's echoed in the background, the white moon was no longer in the sky but a silver radiance filled the vision and sound of animals madly howling drummed in my ear.

{end of dreamland}

"whooo, ahooo-hooo.......ahooooo-who let the dogs out whoo whoo hoohoowho.", I laughed as I woke up from the creepiness and soupiness of my ridiculously distinct dream

After gaining full subconscious I sprinted for my sweetheart and boomed off to the shortcut road to my Villa- YES, villa as much as I sound stuck up there is no better understatement for my house. Among the elite's I scorn myself for being 'M ost V aluable VIP!' This is a short route so I'll not be able to give details about my family and it's tedious origin and business that happens to be everybody's business here!

When I got home in no surprise I heard talking for hundreds of people, one of moms after party I signed at Lee's pad who is half Chinese half afro watchman.

I headed to the garage softly and slipped to the guest house to avoid mom and her sisters' matchmaking furthermore humiliating me in front of very bachelor and married man.

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