~Remus Lupin One-Shot~

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(This is Fifth Year By The Way)

                             ---- My Lil' Furry Prince Charming ----

(Y/N) Point of View

I have been dating Remus for a year now and we've been great and all but I have a bad feeling he's...he's been keeping a secret...I don't know what but I bound to find out. I would hide in bushes watching, spying, and listening hard to their conversation when I'm with them with a book in my hand, or any of those sorts but I get nothing...I want to know if Remus is cheating on me or he's just avoiding me because of exams on a this week.

So to get this out of my systum I went to talk to him while he talked to James and Sirius until I heard Sirius say "Moony, you have to tell her!" Said Sirius I press myself to the wall listening to their conversation this'll maybe tell me why I'm having a bad feeling about Remus!

"Padfoot, if you loved someone like (Y/N) and you were in my situation, you'll know what I'm talking about this nervousness, (Y/N) will never trust me again!" Said Remus and I started to get really nervous.

"Moony, (Y/N) deserves to know," Said the voice of James.

"It's not like your cheating on her," said Sirius it was quiet and my heart broke into million of pieces

"Moony, you're not!" Gasped James I could't take it anymore I turn the corner and turn Remus around he seemed shocked to see me I glare at him and slap him "I thought you were the nice one, Remus, but I guess I was wrong, we're through!" I scream at him and run off hearing him call after me.

I run off into the night of the Black Lake and break down in tears at the edge and cry my heart out...I've never been this heartbroken in my life...I love Remus so much I never thought I'd be this broken before, yes we dated for a year, but I never thought I'd love Remus this much either.

"(Y/N)," said a soft voice behind me I knew would be Remus I tense up and tears stream down faster "Go away! I want nothing to do with you!" I yell over my shoulder.

"(Y/N), I'm not cheating on you, it's something bigger," said Remus and I turn around to him to see he's nervous and a mark on his cheek with my hand print "What could be more bigger then cheating!" I yell.

"(Y/N)! I'm a werewolf!" Said Remus nervously and looked down and my insides lurch and my eyes widen...Remus's a werewolf?

"Y-you're a werewolf..." I mumble.

"Yes, I'm a werewolf, I understand if you don't understand me anymore and don't want to be with a monster like me..." said Remus and went to walk away but I run up to him and turn him around kissing him deeply and he didn't kiss back and was frozen, must be shock, he slowly kisses back and wraps his arms around my waist as I wrap mine around his neck getting hand fingers tangled in his golden hair.

We stand there kissing for who knows how long but I knew at that very moment...Remus John Lupin is in love with me and I'm in love with him and nothing will ever change my feelings for him because he is, and forever be, my Prince Charming. We pull apart and I look him in his green eyes "Remus John Lupin you are not, and never will be, a monster you are a sweet, kind, smart, and gental man and you'll forever be my Prince." I said.

"And you'll always be my Princess," said Remus and we lean in for another kiss.

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