(P.S don't get confused lol.. this starts off with a dream :)

 "You know you want me..." hissed the huge Pickle.

 "What do-do you want...?" I whimpered walking slowly backwards.

"You know what I want.... You know EXACTLY what I want.." Growled the Pickle. It eyes were slit and yellow with tiny black pupils that sparkled. It's nails were apart of it's dark green prickly hands as it stuck out like knives. The pickle was sweating pickle juice as it slowly huffed and puffed nearing me closer and closer...

"I've been chasing you all my life human.. NOW FINALLY YOU CAN GIVE ME A SPONGE BATH!" roared the pickle.

"NEVER!" I shouted. "I will never surrender!"

"Foolish human! You're trapped... where in the pickle do you think you are going?" Pickle chuckled.

"Can't we establish a deal?" I whined.

"HA, HA, HA!" boomed the Pickle. "You're a funny one human, BRING THE SPONGES AT ONCE!" the Pickle raised his arms in the air. "MUAHAHAHA!" It laughed.

"PICKLE I BEESEECH YOU!" yelled a rumbling voice. I turned to my left to find a huge jar wobbling (walking) towards us.

"Who are you?" sneered the Pickle.

"Pickle I have something to tell you..." whispered the jar. "Listen..." mysteriously began the jar.

"No..." muttered the pickle suddenly going quiet.

 "It can't be... no"

"Pickle... I am your father!"



"MERCURY YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE?" shouted Tessa. I jolted up from my bed sweating like a pig from the sudden shout that came from Tessa.

"HOLY COW!" I shouted breathing heavily. I looked around with wide eyes to see if I was really on earth, or even on my bed. I eyed my familiar tidy room and relieved myself with a long sigh.

"Thank god.." i murmured getting off my bed and hurridley making it. "Stupid dream... stupid Pickle!" I sneered walking to my washroom. Running over to my shower I swiftly took off all my clothing with one quick movement and basked myself in a cold shower. "WAHAHA!" i giggled as i squirmed around the cold shower. I don't know why I love cold showers. It always gives me this huge exhilirations whenever I shower in cold water.

 My dad always use to warn me I would get really sick or even get penumoia, but heck I ain't sick yet. It's always a quick shower anyway, nothing long. Getting out of the cold water I brushed my teeth in the nude and jumped up and down to warm up my body. I was late... and everyone in the house knew how much I despised being late. It weirdly enough is a moronic pet peeve of mine, but I can't help but always be on time. Finishing my teeth i awkwardly brushed out and blow dryed my crimson black hair. It was getting way to long, almost at the tip of my but. Plus it's gotten to be a pain in the ass since it takes way longer then the usual when i use to have a bob.

Now it takes an even 15 minutes just to blow dry it until it gets dry. Groaning I finally finished my hair and combed my bangs down, slightly overlapping my broad band veiw of everything which was just right. I lazily put my hair in a bun and went over to my closet. I eyed all my clothing and smiled at the alternatives I had. Sweat pants, sweaters and sweat shirts with all different colors.