Chapter 11- Lecture of the Day

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Kirishima's POV

"You ok Kirishima? You look really tired", Mina said as she leaned back in her chair. "I am..Tired", I said. I didn't even pick up my head to look at her. "Kirishima's not the only one", Jirou said. I picked up my head and looked at her. "I think we both know who to blame for that", I said, making her blush. I blushed a little bit as well, just thinking about it was enough to give me the butterflies.

"Who? Wait what happened anyways?", Sero asked. Jirou and I both looked at him with our tired eyes. "Who..Who?! You mean you didn't hear?!-..y'know what. Whatever. It's pointless", Jirou said. I was kinda suprised no one else heard the two going at it last night. They were..Well, loud of course. After all, my room is in the same hall as his.

"Morning class", Mr. Aizawa said. He was just as tired as Jirou and I. "Morning Mr. Aizawa", Everyone said. "I assigned a couple of papers for you guys to do, after you're done, change into your gym outfits and head to the training grounds", He explained. After that, he looked at Bakugou and Midoriya, giving them both an intense glare. Jirou and I both looked at each other, then at Bakugou and Midoriya. "You two. We need to talk after you do your papers", Mr. Aizawa said with a stern voice. The two of them nodded.

"Hey Kirishima. What's number 3?", Kaminari whispere. I looked at back at him. "C'mon man. We've had a semester and two quarters. You should know this by now", I whispered. He nodded and looked at his papers. "R-Right..". I couldn't focus at all. It's not the fact that those two did something they shouldn't have done, but..I can't even look at them the same. I know they're soulmates and all that but, it's weird to think about.

"By the way. I'll be collecting your papers in 10 minutes and if you have at least 3 or four missing, you're going to be doing twice as much training. That goes for not filling all of them in either so make sure you have an answer for each question", Mr. Aizawa stated. Kaminari, Sero, Mina and I all looked at each other. 'We're not gonna pass this without getting a question wrong', I thought. I can tell the others were thinking the same.

Midoriya's POV

I looked at Kacchan with a worried expression, then back at my paper. I started to overthink about it. 'What if we get expelled! What would my mom thinks about me? What would All Might think about me?!'. All these thoughts were getting to me. I slapped myself mentally and began to look at my paper. I needed to focus or I might not pass.

After having my small panic attack throughout my head, I quickly filled out all of the questions and left it on the corner of my desk. I wrote down a couple of things in my notebook. "Three more minutes", Aizawa said. He then looked at Kacchan and I, hitting both of us with an intense glare again. I don't think I've ever been this scared of him before.

Kacchan looked back at me and whispered, "Don't be scared of a small lecture". I nodded and continued to mind my business, until he booped me on the nose. I blushed a little bit and gave Kacchan a small glare. He smirked and turned back around. I looked over only to see Kirishima looking at the two of us, blushing. We both stared at each other for a few awkward seconds. He then looked at away, as if nothing happened...Then it hit me. Depending on how loud Kacchan and I were last night, I'm pretty sure someone heard us. My face started to get red, knowing that some people might not look at us the same.

"Time's up. Put your pencils down and face your papers the other way", Mr. Aizawa announced. Everyone stopped what they were doing as Mr. Aizawa picked up the papers. "Oh yeah, everything was a scheme. It doesn't matter how much you got wrong. I just wanted to see you guys under pressure", He said, smirking as he walked away with everyone's papers. "Aww c'mon! You can't be serious?!", Ashido yelled. I figured this would happen. It wouldn't have mattered anyways, I still would have gotten them right. "Now that I have collected your papers..". He looked at Kacchan and I. "You two, come with me. Iida, you're in charge while I'm gone", He said. We both got out of our desks and followed him down the hallway.

Bakugou's POV

Mr. Aizawa sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I shouldn't have to explain this to you guys but..Since we're here I might as well do so...". I know that this is nothing but a lecture, but the look on his face made it seem like he was gonna go all out. "Show me your soul marks", He demaned. Since the one on my hand was too hard to see, I had to unbutton my shirt and show the one on my chest.

Mr. Aizawa looked at the two of us, shocked of what he was seeing. He snapped himself out of it and cleared his throat. "I'm guessing that's why you guys did what you did...Right?", He asked. I nodded. "Having sexual intercourse in the dorms on a school night isn't appropriate for 16 year olds. You guys are too young to be doing that and you should know", He said in a stern voice. Deku put his head down a little bit.

Seeing him worry made me defensive sometimes. I clenched my fist tightly. "What? We can't enjoy ourselves for one night?", I asked. "Not at the dorm. I don't care if you and Midoriya check out and do it. Just..Don't do it in the dorms.". He sighed and looked at the two of us. "But, I can't stop what happens so..Who started it?", He asked. Deku and I both looked at each other, then back at Aizawa.

"I-". "I did..". I looked at Deku. My eyes widened a little bit. "Pack a couple pairs of clothes..You're going home for a few days. This point on, I hope you learn your lesson", He said. I hugged Deku tightly. He was suprised for a few seconds, but hughed back. I pulled away and whispered in his ear, "Meet me at the park down the street. I'll check out later..". He nodded and walked away.

"Go back to class and wait with the others", Aizawa said. I scoffed and walked back to the classroom. "Damn teacher", I said. I opened the door only to reveal chaos and confusion. 'Damn idiots', I thought to myself


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