I reluctantly moved from my spot on the bed, going towards the curtains to shut them. I caught a glimpse of a black figure as soon as I placed my hand on the side if the fabric. I had never moved my hand so fast in my life. In a swift movement I closed them, heart was thumbing to the point I felt like it was going to fly out of my chest.

A ping on my phone caught my attention.

'Now what will your answer be, will you be selfless or selfish?'

My eyes scanned it over and over again, eyes watering. Obviously I was going to sacrifice myself, but then I froze. What if this was just some kind of sick joke? What if this was actually Bailee and she was playing with me.

'You took too long, you shall both be sacrificed.' I started to reply, only for my phone to turn off, the Samsung logo popping up.

It was dead.

I heard a consistent knock coming from the front door, causing me to freeze in my tracks. I stayed still for a moment, hoping whoever it was would go away. The knocking then turned to banging. I was going to die was the first thought I had.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit." I whispered to myself, grabbing my phone charger. I plugged my phone in and ran to my bedroom door, locking it. The door was thin, and wouldn't stand much more then a couple kicks, but it would buy me a few extra seconds. I had five minutes until my phone would turn on, so I just had to hold out until then.

"Its going to be okay." My voice was shaky as I attempted to convince myself that I would live for another day.

I shut my eyes once I placed myself on my bed, listening to my upcoming doom. The front door slammed against the wall before footsteps made there way into the house.

Three more minutes.

Tears seeped through my eyes as I heard the stairs creek, I only opened my eyes to grab my lamp. Best to have a weapon.

Two more minutes.

Wood creeked at the end of the hallway as pressure was applied, my heart raced as I heard the bathroom door open. He was searching for people.

One more minute.

The footsteps made there way through my parents bedroom next to mine, why didn't I join my family to go to my aunt's.

My eyes locked itself with the door in front of me, a light knock came from whoever was behind it. I grabbed my phone and pressed the power button. "Oh god, oh god." I whispered to myself, so quiet that I can barely hear it myself.

The knocking turned to fists banging against it, and I knew it wont be long until he kicked the lock.

As soon as my phone powered on, I pressed the emergency call button then typed in '999' I listened to it ring a few times before I heard the sound of a boot hitting the door; followed by wood cracking.

More and more tears streamed down my cheeks which were probably red from crying. "Where's your emergency?" My relief was short lived as the door flew open. A scream escape my lips as I almost dropped my phone. "47 Lightstream Lane." I managed to say, followed by a small 'help me.'

I dropped my phone and swung the lamp at the intruder, who easily dodged it and grabbed my wrist. I screamed again as he pulled my off my bed, throwing me onto the floor; my head cracking on it. I could faintly hear the nine-nine-nine operator on the phone as I tried to crawl out the room.

The man grabbed my wrists and pulled my up against his chest, easily using one hand to hold me in place. I struggled with all the strength I had, trying to get the man off me. He paid no attention to what I was doing, only putting a cloth over my mouth and nose. I immediately recognize that it was drenched in chloroform.

I held my breath for as long as I possibly could, hoping the police could get here in time; but of course I can't hold my breath forever. Only when my lungs burned from the lack of oxygen, and my body couldn't resist no more, I let myself breathe in the tainted air.

The last thing I heard before my vision went to black was the sirens sounding in the distance. I knew they weren't going to make it in time.

*Outside POV*

Once the police officers arrived at an address that had called, they found nothing but broken doors. Nothing was stolen apart from the girl that was home alone that night.

An officer with the name of Callum Hermsen wondered into the teenagers bedroom, there was blood on the white carpet from when she hit her head. The room was a mess, a clear struggle could be seen from the child.

Callum went towards her bed where there was a piece of paper nearly placed on the girls pillow. Officer Hermsen let his eyes scam across the note, only for his heart to drop.

'The child you seek is with me in my lair,
Used as a sacrifice for the cult of Mcflair,
Blood shall be spilled if you don't find her soon,
Tears will follow as more pain is shared,
She will be dead in a month, possibly less,
Good Luck.'


Two years have past since that night, all hope has been lost for the girls. Both would be eighteen if they were still alive, but of course they most likely weren't.

The disappearance of Jasmin Groundhog, and Bailee Lee covered the news for months after they went missing, being the main highlight. Only for it to die down into nothingness. Now they are just a memory, a memory their parents will miss.

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