"We will give you the girl"

I've heard those words over a hundred times in my eighteen years on this earth. Phrased differently maybe, but in the end they all mean the same thing. They mean that a someone will 'own' me.


They'll think they own me.

" You can have Lilianna-"

" In exchange for her-"

"... but not for free"

As if there is a price so great, that I could be the merchandize, the bargaining chip- and yet, that is all I was to them.

It took me a while to realize that I was their trading piece. Dark Hair, big eyes, and large breasts.

That is all that matters to men.

So I stood there, beside my alpha. In a low cut, floor length, navy coloured dress that my breasts tumbled out of. I tried not to listed to their conversation. I didn't need to. I knew what I needed to do. I'd done it nine times before. They would take me in exchange for peace between our packs. The Alpha's would take me to their bed, expecting to fuck me- but all they really ever got was knife in their chest and the cold hard truth they they had been tricked.

They all struggled.

The Alpha of the MoonStone pack eyed me hungrily, lust pooling in his dark brown eyes. He looked back at my alpha.

" She can bare pups?"he inquired.

Pups? Why would that even matter?

"Yes," my alpha said gruffly.

I turned to look at him, "What does that matter?" I asked, disrespectfully. He shot me a warning that came in the form of a malicious grin.

"Because Lila dear, you are to be married to Alpha Blakely." His fake smile tight on his crooked face.

Unfortunately for him, I didn't sign up for any marriage.

I took a step back and cleared my throat.

" Is that so?" I said through gritted teeth.


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