chapter 2 meeting the wayne family.

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(Carmen, zack, ivy and shadowsan are on a jet headed to Gotham talking to player)

Ivy: so how do we find VILE in Gotham?

Zack: yeah, with all the other crime, they'll blend in perfectly. And we don't even know what they're after.

Carmen: well we will just have wait and find out.

Player: this wayne person does have a lot of fancy stuff I hear. Maybe that's the target.

Zack: hey player, see if you can find anything on Bruce Wayne. Sounds like a cool guy.

Player: let's see. It says hear that Bruce Wayne was one of the many victims of Gotham's crime.

Ivy: what do you mean?

Player: it says that when he was a kid, he witnessed his parents, Martha and Thomas Wayne, being shot and murdered.

Player: also he's having some kind of fancy party tonight. If you get in maybe you can investigate.

(Meanwhile at Wayne Manor)

Alfred: everything is prepared for tonight, master Bruce.

Bruce: thanks, Alfred. I better go see if Vicky is ready.

Alfred: I shall inform you if anyone new arrives.

Bruce: alright. In the meantime, check on damian.

Alfred: right away, master Bruce.

(Alfred checks on damian, who is refusing to put on the tux he's supposed to wear)

Alfred: master damian, please cooperate? It is only for one night. Not to mention the occasion is your mother's birthday.

Damian: fine. But only because I don't have a choice.

(With Bruce and Vicky)

Bruce: all set for tonight?

Vicky: ready as I'll ever be.

Bruce: happy birthday, sweetie.

Vicky: thank you.

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