March 11 : Afford

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A long day at the office, it's not exactly tiring, maybe 'draining'.

I still have energy, in fact, after dealing with all the paperwork and numbers and clients, I feel like I didn't even expend much energy at all. But I can't afford to waste time and energy on personal things.

A big breakfast, a large lunch because of a meeting... and now I feel the need to blow it off somehow.

Only an hour left until I can go back to my apartment, maybe I'll work out. For now, I need to hand these papers to a bank manager, I bet he'll invite me for coffee, that guy's like that.

Luckily this bank is right by the office, just a 3-minute walk.

"I said give me the wallet!" a loud voice erupts from a nearby alley "Don't make me cut you!"

I jog over and take a peek. A man in ragged clothes is brandishing a large knife at a young girl.

"Hey!" my voice catches his attention and he quickly turns.

"The hell do you want?" his knife was now pointed at me. Even at this distance, around ten feet, I can it's sharp "Oh what do we have here rich boy? You wanna give me your money too?" his words are slurred, maybe a little drunk?

"Just hand it over and no one gets hurt... you can't fight huh rich boy? Where's your bodyguard huh? You gotta be able to afford one huh? Come on and-"

As he continued his monologue, I charged in and disarmed him. I grab his wrist, and a few basic maneuvers later, he was on the ground.

"Young lady please call the police"

I guess it's just not his lucky day, since I could afford all those self-defense lessons.

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