A Hybrid's Master (Preface)

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A Hybrid’s Master (Preface)

            On earth humans learned that they evolved from monkeys. That is true for the people you see all around you. The people you see day to day, whether it’s your work place or school or even possibly your coffee shop. All of those people are descendants of Monkey.

            There are people who aren’t descendants of Monkeys. These people are called Hybrids. These Hybrids are those who are descendants of all the other animals. Be it Fox, Wolf, Peacock, Flamingo, or any other type of animal. These Hybrids are a special breed of people.

            You see, these Hybrids have certain characteristics that appear that descendants of Monkey don’t show. They Hybrids show the characteristics of the animal they are descended from. The ears (if any), the tail (if any), the nose (if any), or even the wings (if any). They all react as an animal would as well; their instincts come as naturally to them as walking or swimming.

            The reason why you don’t see Hybrids everywhere you go is because they all make perfect slaves. As animals they could be trained to do as they are told. If you were to order a Hybrid to go and clean a room top to bottom they would, because they are all trained. They are exotic to watch and they can speak perfectly. What every language they speak is what language you are speaking.

            There are many reasons why those who could afford Hybrid slaves would want them. First is for being exotic butlers and maids, second is to be the obedient gardener, third is to be a well-trained chef, and finally a sex slave. There are many other uses of a Hybrid, but these are the ones off the top of my head.

            Moving on is how these Hybrids mated and how they reproduced. Only males and select females were allowed to become slaves, while the rest became producers. The females of each species who weren’t pregnant were separated from those who were, and placed into a large room with beds.

            The males were chained into a large room depending on species and restricted from pleasuring themselves. All the males were forced to stay horny so when they were released into their respected species’ room they would mate instantly with the first available female there was.

            There is one thing that made all Hybrid males the same. All the Hybrid males are all well endowed. That is one of the reasons to why males are mostly desired to be slaves.

            The females who are slaves are those with large breasts. Those people who buy females usually only use them as sex slaves and are sure to use a condom.



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