Epilogue- This Kitten Has Claws

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We have finally reached the end of this long and awesome journey! You've all been amazing fans and I am so happy that you've all been so supportive of this story! I hope you enjoy the epilogue (especially since Amanda is the main point of view) and please don't forget to vote and comment! Don't forget to check out the first chapter of the the spin-off, This Puppy Has Fangs, November 1st, 2012! 


Epilogue- This Kitten Has Claws 

October 29th: Full Moon 

    The thing about full moons that I hate is that I never get to spend time with my boyfriend. Now, having Blue Eyes take it the safe route is good and all but some good snuggling would be awesome, especially at a time like this. 

    Outside work crews were doing well on the rebuilding of Riverwood while people hurried about to make preperations for the upcoming halloween banquet. Though the town had just had a scare and most of the town was destroyed, people were excited to get back into the holiday spirit, dressing up as their favorite supernatural characters. 

    In my case though I didn't want to think about halloween. I wanted to sit and relax, cozying up with Blue Eyes who decided this day was a good time to go all werewolf - not that he really has a choice.

    A bell sounded out through the small bookstore I'd holed myself up in and as I peeked to see who it was I saw Lockheart strolling toward me with one of his creepy grins. Lately it was hard thinking of him in this new way, but after all that we'd been through together I wouldn't have it any other way. I was happy that he was in high spirits and able to joke around although his lack of seriousness could be annoying at times. 

    "Amanda, I have the best news!" 

    Rolling my eyes I picked up the book I'd been reading and nodded for him to continue. "Well, I just recently learned that my ghostness was passed on."

    At that my head snapped up and all I could think was how in the world that was possible. He talked about it like it was some kind of disease which also increased my need to figure out what he was going on about. Lockheart on most occasions doesn't make sense, but this just seemed to be a little too off the ball. 

    "What in the world does that mean?" I asked, crinking up my brow. 

    "It means that Simone is here in full force!"

    I won't go into any details of what happened after that, but I can say that Lockheart found himself lying flat on the floor as I rushed to Simone's house. I would have felt bad if not for the fact that he tripped me before I could get too far. Needless to say, it was a battle to get there and as we ran into the door our squabling continued. 

    From the other side Simone had called out to us, saying that we needed to invite ourselves in. Like Lockheart she wasn't able to touch anything, but seemed to be enjoying herself anyway especially considering David Clark has mysteriously shown back up in town. Once again, I won't go into many details, but when I first saw him he almost lost both his arms. After a bit of explaining though I gave the okay, realizing that he'd been under the influence of his vampire brother when he tried to kill me. That didn't mean I didn't still harbor any hard feelings though. 

    We chatted up with Simone for awhile before leaving the house, walking down the renewed streets of Riverwood where the building had taken a halt for the night. In the silence I could hear Lockheart's slow breathing and I felt more alive than ever. Off in the distance I could hear howling and knew that Blue Eyes was locked up somewhere for the night. My heart went out to him and his werewolf self. 

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