Be a Man!

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Bakugo's PoV

" I like Deku," the words came out of my mouth without me really thinking about it, but that didn't stop the shark toothed boy in front of me from hearing them.

Kirishima then turned around, wide eyed, and smiled a toothy grin. My eyes went wide as I realized I had said the words out loud, and not only that, it was loud enough for the red head to head to hear me. I felt my face turn red hot, and before I could deny any word the toothy idiot had already tackled me to the ground.

" OMG REALLY! YES YES YES! OMG IM SO HAPPY! DUDE!" All I could do was cover my face in embarrassment. I didn't just say that! This is a dream. Yeah that's got to be it I'm dreaming!

" OMG BRO! YES YES YES OMG!" This time, in the excitement of the moment, he punched me in the shoulder. And, he did it prey damn hard! Wtf, Ouch! Okay so this isn't a dream.... SO I REALLY CONFESSED IN FRONT OF SHITTYHAIR!!!  With my hands still covering my face my thoughts flowed with panic, all while Kirishima rambled on.


This caught my attention.

" I mean! Don't get it wrong your very good at hiding it, or maybe you didn't understand the feelings you had yourself. I never really figured out which. It's just, you talk about him, a lot, and you always try to get his attention by being better then him. You also, don't know if you noticed, you follow with your eyes sometimes. So I just got the feeling that you liked him, or something. Don't worry I didn't tell anyone!" He then jumped off of me and waved his hands in defense.

This time I followed suite. I stood up and turned my head to the side not wanting to face him. I still felt the heat on my cheeks. " So, can I ask you a question?" I need to know something. He wouldn't lie to me, he would hold back, he'd tell me straight out right?

" Yeah bro, what ever you want." His voice was gentle, so gentle it made me angry and sad all at the same time. I then looked up at him,  tears threatening to pour out.

" Do I have a change with him?" With that all my tears fell like a water fall, and didn't stop. Kirishima looked almost frozen, so I started to rant my feelings infront of him. " I don't right? There's no way he'd like me after everything I've done to him. I mean who bullies someone for half of there life and then becomes their friend, no worse lover! He hates me, I mean I get it I would hate me too! So what right do I have to confess to him, when all I've ever done is hurt him!?"

With that I fell on my knees and cried. I felt Kirishima's hand on my shoulder, as he knelt down next to me.

" Hey, look at me," his voice was stern yet gentle as I forced my face up to look at him. Tears still flowed out my eyes as he continued to speak. " Now I can't say for sure what Midoriya's feelings are. But, I know that you have had a better relationship with him for a while now. Which shows your progressing, and I'm sure Midoriya sees that too. He's one to look on the bright side right?"

At this point I felt like if I spoke my voice would betray me, so I just nodded my head. " So, be a man and confess. You'll never know how he feels until you try right?"

I looked at my friends face, which held confidence, hope, and seriousness. With that I wiped my tears away and put in a serious face. " r-right!" With that he gave me a big, idiotic, toothy grin. Helping on to my feet he gave me a pat on the back, this time not hard enough to kill someone.

We walked inside to the other three idiots tackling us to the ground. Damnit how many more times am I gonna get tackled today.

" You guys would tell us if you were dating right?!" Bolty yelled while holding down my shoulders.

" Hah?!" I glared at him. What sort of dumb crap are they talking about now.

" So you guys aren't BFFF's?!" Pinky said crying.

" Guys what-" shittyhair tried to question them but was cut off.

" A few if us in class were betting on if you guys were dating or were BFFF's," shoulders confessed.

" What the fuck are BFFF's?" I questioned with a glare.

" Best fucking friends forever," Pinks stated with a confident grin.

" Haha!" The red head started laughing next to me as I gave out a Tch. " Well, I can definitely say we are not dating," he said as he continued to laugh.

" There's no way I'd date shitty hair," I grunted as I pushed all the idiots off of me. " It's late, I'm going to bed."

" Good night princess!" I heard bolt face yell out. All I did was send him the bird. I yawned as I continued walking, noticing small whispers of chatter start up from the group. But, I didn't care enough as I continued to make my way to my room.

When I got there I threw off my clothes, and jumped into my bed in my boxers. Quickly, a dreamless sleep took over my body.

Time skip to morning ( brought to you by A Very Manly Kirishima!)

I opened my eyes to my alarm going off. I quickly turned it off as I slowly got up, stretching myself awake. " Come on Deku let's get ready-" wait, Deku!

I stood up searching the room for him, but he wasn't here. " Where the fuck are you?" I questioned slightly panicked. If he's not with me there's only 1 other person he'd be with.


I ran my way down to the common area, where most were eating breakfast. I scanned the room, and my eyes finally landed on her. " Roundface!"

Her head snapped in my direction, but here eyes held boredom. " Huh?" She questioned me.

" Where is Deku? He wasn't with me last night, and now I can't find him. He like you doesn't he where did you put him?"

" Huh?" She said now interested in the topic. " I thought he went to your room last night. I haven't seen him since."

With that I walked away. Damnit the only other  place he's been to with me is school or the training yard, so one of those places. With that I quickly got dressed, and headed to school way before anybody else.

You better be there Deku! I can't lose two if you in a span of a week! I sprinted the whole way there and when I eventually reached inside I started to scream.

" Deku! Deku where are you!" I shouted running closer to our classroom.

" DEKU!"

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Woop boys that's another chapter done! Also I got another week off of school cuz the virus, so that mean another chapter, maybe. Also be safe, wash dem hands! 

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