28 Forever

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"I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITH HIM!" Eliza shouted at the top of her voice forcing her father to raise an eyebrow at her.

It was the 23rd of December and her father wanted her and William to go shopping for a little Christmas celebration.

William was amazed as he looked at both of them. He was leaning against the kitchen entry while Eliza and Harvey continued their argument standing on either side of the dining table.

Harvey had asked him to be at their house instead of his own. William was glad for that kindness but that didn't help with the messed up impressions of Harvey which the man had already created in William's mind.

Eliza was dressed in her blue jeans and a red sweater. Her hair was not straight anymore but fell in soft wavy curls. Her lips were not blood red but a soft pink and William longed to kiss them again and again, but he couldn't do that. She was going further and further away from him and to William, it seemed that Harvey Scott was making an effort to stop her from doing that.

"You will have to go," Harvey said firmly as he gave his daughter a stern look.

The man had suddenly become a little strict for his daughter and William wondered why.

"I will go alone," Eliza said, lowering her voice a bit.

"No will do," Harvey stood at his decision and then picked up the shopping list and handed it over to William.

He took it, surprised and eyed Eliza from the corner of his eye to see her small nose red with anger. He wanted to laugh but controlled it.

"Look after her for me William. This girl is getting more and more reckless day by day," Harvey said and Eliza's jaw almost dropped to the floor.

"I will, sir."

Eliza gave a furious huff and stomped haughtily out of the kitchen. He followed her, passing a small smile to Harvey.

"Wait for me!" he yelled after stepping out of the house when he saw Eliza getting ready to get into Harvey's car.

"I will go alone," she said again when he reached her and stopped her from opening the door.

"No will do," he repeated Harvey and Eliza's eyes flared with anger.

"I am not a kid."

William smirked at her. He was done being emotional around her. He understood that if he needed to get her back, he needed to be more attractive, and not a cry baby.

"I know that, Love," he said.

"Don't call me that," she scoffed.

"I will always call you that, Love," he moved closer to her until their faces were inches away. "Now give me the key and go and sit quietly inside the car. I will drive."

"I hate you," she gave him a dirty look before placing the keys on his open palm, reluctantly and then stormed to get in the other side. He smiled and entered the car.

"You should know that I only gave you that key because I don't want to be your driver," Eliza said and William couldn't control his laugh anymore and he let it out as he put the car in ignition.

"Eliza, Love, you gave me the car because you don't know how to drive."

His words made her cheek burn with embarrassment and she turned her head to look out the window as he drove the car out of the house and onto the road.

"You suck," she said suddenly when they were on the street and William smiled.

"We both do."


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