chapter 1: The fall

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(This story is written with Ivorina112 as a co-writer and editor.)

"Frisk, we need to hurry! They're after us!" You run with your sister up the mountain, with a bag around your neck and a small blonde kitten held on to your left shoulder. Your outfit is as shown. 

You see a cave carved in the cliff side from a distance as you pull Frisk inside of it

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You see a cave carved in the cliff side from a distance as you pull Frisk inside of it. "Let's rest for a moment, the hunters are far enough behind for that." You pet your kitten, she's so cute and looks at you with hazel eyes and lets out a little meow. "Let's go further in."
As the three of you venture further into the cave you trip over a small rock and stumble before you all fall into a large hole where the floor should have been as you pulled Frisk to your chest and mutter a spell to break your fall. You land in a big bubble of air and slide down landing on your feet. "Everyone okay?"
Frisk gives you a thumbs up and brushes off her purple shirt that has two blue stripes. She's been mute for the past two years. Hunters attacked her and destroyed her voice box. You were able to heal most of the damage but she'll never talk again. Your kitten Kendra meows in response and rubs her head against your cheek. 
"Good, now we need to figure out how to leave here." You say looking around. You notice a hallway and walk towards it. Kendra jumps off your shoulder and leads the way, like she knows where she's going. You shrug and follow her, surely your precious little kitty wouldn't lead you into danger, right?

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