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BID day was today, Friday, and I knew it was also the day I had to come clean about being a legacy

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BID day was today, Friday, and I knew it was also the day I had to come clean about being a legacy.

I had told Theo yesterday when he found me in the morning that I was a legacy. I just didn't say which legacy I was. So I knew he would find out eventually, too. Just like the girls would find out today and Chloe would probably be less than thrilled to figure out that she was going to have no choice but to bid on me and let me move into the sorority building. (For Alpha Chi, it wasn't a house; The sorority had a small dorm building, completely renovated and new, to itself.)

I was definitely not looking forward to this morning.

Hannah and I had sat in our tiny ass room last night filling in our voting ballots for the sororities we liked the most, since usually girls go from sorority to sorority to find the one they want to get a bid from. Both Hannah and I only put down Alpha Chi, but I knew that I didn't need to. I didn't need the bid, either.

Either way, I had to go to the Bid Day brunch this morning. Held in the main cafeteria on campus, every sorority and fraternity gathered for brunch and handed out bids. It was basically a huge social and the presidents of each Greek life would focus on talking to the girls they wanted to bid on.

My mother texted me about twenty times this morning:


I rolled my eyes. I think it was the best day of her life rather than mine. For me, it was just another day. Another awfully mediocre day.

WILL: moms going insane over here talking about bid day & i've never been so grateful to be forced to go to school

I smiled and shoved my phone into my pocket. Hannah finished sliding on her shoes, white heels that she had to walk across campus in, which was incredibly impressive. All sororities wore a specific color to the brunch, and Alpha Chi was all-white. I threw on a white crochet top, and that was pretty much the only white thing I owned besides the white shoes that I had on.

"Why white?" I asked as I pulled my hair out of the bun I slept in. Whatever my hair chose to do today was what I would deal with. "We're going to be eating and white is the absolute worst color for eating."

Hannah shrugged and stood up, looking at herself in her full-length mirror that was laid up against the wall. "You make a valid point. I have no idea when it comes to the brunch part, but white is incredibly chic."

I sat on my bed and slipped on my sneakers and Hannah looked over at me. "Here, you could use some jewelry."

I was about to protest when Hannah walked over with a delicate silver necklace with a tiny heart pendant on the end. She wrapped it around my neck and put it on before I had the chance to say anything. I didn't feel the need to wear jewelry today, and I felt bad for borrowing Hannah's, but she was practically forcing it on me. Besides, it was a nice gesture.

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