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Natalias POV
I laugh as Millie and Sadie tackle and pin Finn and Caleb to the ground. Millie throws light punches at the sides of his arms, while Sadie freaks out at Caleb. She shakes him like crazy, and kisses him lightly on his forehead. The girls lost their energy and finally gave in. I felt Noah's finger tips dangle against my broken nails. I'm smart. I'll admit it. But... my habits are bad. I always bite my nails. They are always uneven and chipped. But I don't care.
"So... are we going to set up our tents lovebirds?"
They all rolled their eyes as we walked over to a nice picnic table and placed down our bags.
"Well who's sleeping with who?"
Millie asked slowly but honestly. She probably just wanted to sleep with Finn.
"Well... There are 7 of us and 4 tents. If 2 of us each sleep in 3 tents, 1 person will sleep by themselves. So that means... Sadie can be with Caleb, Millie with Finn, Noah can be with me, and Gaten... you have the tent to yourself!"
"Way too much MATH! I can't think straight!"
Gaten held his head dramatically.
"I think I need a tent to myself... you know..."
We finally decided to go with my example. That's what I really wanted. Just me and Noah. I unclipped the tent from my bag and pulled it out. I tied the stakes and pushed them as deep in the ground as I could. I did that to all four and then neatened the inside. It had a window that I rolled the cover up to get some light in and walked out. Everyone was still trying to read the instructions. Noah sat on the bench and laughed. I grabbed my bag and Noah's hand and dragged him into the tent. I placed my bag in the corner by the door and Noah put his on the opposite side. I unclipped the sleeping bag and rolled it to the other side of the tent. I pulled out my rope and knife and placed it next to me. I tied a bandana around my hair and tied it back. I got up and walked outside. I grabbed the cooler and put the rope and knife in. I put the cooler over my shoulder and scaled a tree to a high branch I heard as Millie yelled at me to get down. I rapped one side of the rope a few times, then tied the handle of the cooler to the free side. I climbed back down the tree and tested out the pullie. It worked perfectly. I grabbed a cookie and raised it back into the tree where bears couldn't get it. I felt joy rushing through my veins. I feel so much better than when I use to live in Jersey. Though... There were some good times.
I walked into my classroom as my friends came running up to me.
"Nat! Your not going to believe this! I heard that there is going to be a really cool assembly! It's a surprise!"
"Probably something lame. Like that game show the other week. Can't be THAT good!"
I walked to the rack and hung up my backpack. I walked over to my teachers desk as she looked up.
"Hey Nat sweetie! How things going with the cheek?"
I sat on the purple circle on the rug. I listened as my teacher started to teach my lesson. I already know how to do single digit multiplication! I can do a million digits Heck! I can recite pi! The loud speaker came on in a booming sound.
"Attention Students! Today we will be having an assembly on the study of Marine Biology!"
I felt a smile wash over my face and started squealing. My friends started laughing. This is going to be the best assembly EVER!
End of Flashback!
But that was 2nd grade! Everything else has been basically... hate this word...shit. I try to make things better! But... 2nd grade was when I was diagnosed with anxiety. Then I just excluded myself. I feel myself start breathing heavier and heavier. I feel sweat drip down my forehead. I feel frozen in the spot I stand in. I feel myself drop my knife. I watch as the others run over and bend over to look at my face. Short people problems! I slowly try to look at the others but my eyes stare at the ground. I feel myself gasping for air. Noah shakes my arm as I try to gasp for fresh air. I see Millie run to my tent for my backpack. She brings it over and starts going through it. She pulls out my gun and gives a very concerned look. She pulls out my medicine bag and grabs the small pill bottle. She grabs my hand and pours 2 pills into my palm. I stand hyperventilating as she waits for me to put them in my mouth. I can't move my arm so Noah puts them in when he catches me with my mouth open. I feel myself start to calm down as my muscles become very weak. Noah helps me stumble over to our tent and lays me down. I stare at the ceiling and gather enough strength to sit up. The others have been talking outside then tent for about 20 minutes. I'm starting to get worried. I crawl over to the door and listen gently.
"What do we do now!"
"I don't know!"
"She'll be FINE!"
"Yeah she's a tough cookie!"
I listen as their nervous words fill my head. I grab my backpack and empty it. I grab my gun and phone and shove my knife along with my meds. I'll just be out for a walk. I walk out of the tent and rub my eyes.
"Nati... go lay down. You need some rest!"
"I'm go for a walk."
"Let me come then!"
The others watch as we walk down the trail. I hear the crickets as we silently walk. I glance over and walk to the edge of the river. I bend over and take my boots off. I take my socks off and shove them in my backpack. I slowly step in the cool water as Noah stands tensely at the edge. Sit on the rock and undo his sneakers. He watches me very closely.
He gets the idea and takes his sneakers off and rolls up his jeans. I give him a small tug and he steps in the cool water.
We sit on the rock after running around in the water. I lay my head on Noah's shoulder and listen to his soft breathing. I close my eyes and feel my lips start moving.
Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
They strung up a man
They say who murdered three
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree
I feel Noah start moving himself and pulling me to a better position. He sets me on his lap with ease. I guess I'm that light. He pushes a strand of hair behind my ear and rests his chin on my head. I watch him look at my face with a gentle grin. He places his hand on the side of my head and his hand stroke through the hair on the back of my head. I feel us lean in closer until our foreheads are just touching. His left hand brushes my cheek lightly as I place my arms around his neck. I feel our lips meet. His lips are super soft. He kisses me lightly and I start to giggle. Noah starts giggling as he continues to kiss my lips. Slowly, he moves down to around my jaw line, and to around my cheeks. I brush his cheek lightly as he moves down my neck. He sucks super lightly at one spot on my collar bone, I quickly stop him.
"Noah! No marks!"
"Yeah yeah yeah!"
He continued his way back to my lips until we decided to head back. We walked back to everyone huddled around a small match. I shook my head as I grabbed some wood and threw a fire starter in. I lighted the starter and sat down on a towel Noah laid out.
After awhile of talking we decided to go to sleep. I laid down next to Noah until I felt cold air fill my sleeping bag. Noah carefully pulled me closer and zipped his bag close. I fell asleep to the sound of his soft snores.

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