Around the Town

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Faiths P.O.V

I wake up to a tapping in my shoulder. I roll over to see Calum "morning!" He cheers causing me to laugh "where going around town and going shopping if that's alright?" He asked hopefully I frown "no that's not alright" I deadpan seeing him look sad. I start laughing "yeah let me get dressed!"

I say happy. After I take a quick shower and blow dry my hair I slide on my clothes making my way down stairs seeing no one I soon walk into the kitchen seeing everyone but Carly here. Hmm maybe I'll get lucky and she won't go! I think to my self I take a spot next to Cal as I eat a banana and pancakes.

"So who alls going? Just us?" I ask I see Luke look up some what awkward "uh actually I invited Carly..." I nod my head "sounds good!" I say maybe a little too cheerfully. The meal was almost over when I heard to door bell ring. Speak of the devil. I see Luke hop up and walk towards the door I see him disappear from the room as I finish up. "Did she threaten you too? Yet."

Ash asks adding that last part "No but I can tell she's rubbing him in my face but she's going to soon probably." I say thinking to myself "So what did say that threatened you?" I ask I see Michael look over towards me "well" he starts "she told us that if We said anything to Luke about her being rude to us or say anything to make him to not like her then she would make sure to ruin our careers."

I look over at the guys "How could she ruin your careers? I mean you have such a strong fan base and stuff how could she do that?" I ask I see the guys shaking their heads "She is um good friends with our manager." Ash says I open my mouth to talk but I soon see her and Luke walk into the kitchen "You guys ready?" I hear him ask I quickly hop up and throw my stuff away. "Let me get my shoes" I say.

About an hour later we're walking around a large mall. Surprisingly no fans have walked up to the guys or anything. "Hey faith look!" I see Luke point in the direction of hot topic I look through the window to see a doctor who shirt! "OMG I have to get it!" I hear him laugh. me and Luke and Carly following behind us walk into the store. I look around the store for the shirt till I see it on a rack I quickly look at the tag as I roll my eyes

"alright let's go" I say. I feel Luke's grip on my wrist "wait why aren't you getting it?" I hear him ask "I don't have the money for it so let's go" i say trying to get him to leave "here I'll pay for it for you" he says smiling. He knows I hate it when he pays for stuff for me. "Luke-" I was quickly get cut off by him "ok let's go" he says as I notice he already had one

"you aren't buying it" I say. I see him smirk "too late" he says running over to the cash register "Luke!" I half yell I see him get the bag I roll my eyes as he hands it too me "ok but only this once" I see him laugh a little "I win" he says walking out of the store I see Carly follow him as I quickly follow too. I see Forever 21 a couple stores down. "Hey Faith wanna go in there? I'll go with you"

I her Carly's voice say I send her a smile I barely manage to pull "sure" I say bluntly we make our way into the store as we shop for a couple minutes feeling slightly awkward. "So I think we should talk" I hear her say. Great now she's gonna go all psycho on me. "So do you like Luke?" She asks slightly irritated. I feel my self chocking on the gum I had.

"Ew that's gross no!" I say laughing. Truth is yeah I do a lot but I'm not gonna get in anyone's way. "Really? Hm that's good!" She says happier. "But just so you know incase your lying" she says getting in my face since she's taller than me "if you touch him or me ever I will ruin your life and have you sent back to little Australia." She says quietly.

And there's the bitch poping out. "id slap you right now, but sadly that would be animal abuse." I state. "Your gonna regret that"she says through her teeth as she keeps walking. I keep shopping getting a couple outfits and making my way out of the store seeing Luke and Carly are gone.

"Where's Luke at?" I ask honestly I could care less where she is, I mean maybe if I'm lucky she'll be getting hit by a bus right now. "Their getting drinks"ash responds. "What's wrong?" I ask "well they won't get us anything" he says causing me to laugh. "She did it" I say to the guys trying not to cry it really hurt I mean the chicks a psycho. I see them all look at me shaking their heads.

Luke's P.O.V

We stand in line waiting to order. "So what do you want?" I asked her I see her tap her chin thinking "I'll just have hot chocolate" she says smiling I laugh "alright hot chocolate it is then." I make my way over to order "I'll take 2 hot chocolates please. And a mint chocolate mocha too."

I say I see her give me a look "who's the mocha for?" I see her ask me curiously "Faith. It's her favorite." I say smiling a bit. Once we get the drinks I see her reach her hands out "here I can carry another one" she says. "So are you and faith friends now?" I ask. "Oh yes besties for the resties!" She says causing me to laugh a little bit.

Faiths P.O.V

I see Luke and Carly walking back Carly carrying two drinks while Luke one. Once they approach us I turn around to see Carly just as she's 'tripping' spilling her drink on my shirt and face.

I screech a little as the hot liquid burns my skin. I feel tears running down my face soon. "Omg I'm soooooo sorry" she says I quickly run to the bathroom. I quickly dry off all the coffee. As I hide my face in my hands crying. Thank god it's only a one person bathroom I think to myself. I quickly wipe away the tears.

I hear knocking on the door as I open it to see Luke. What did he want his girlfriend practically threw my coffee at me. I go to walk past him as I feel him grab my arm. "Here" I see him hand me his flannel since he has a shirt on under it. "Thanks" I say "I'll be right back."

I quickly take my shirt off in the bathroom and slide the flannel on and tuck it into my shorts. I make my way out of the bathroom pulling my hair into a ponytail. "I don't think she meant to" he says looking at me. "Me either" I lie.

I feel him stop me a few feet from the guys and her. "Are you ok?" He asks looking into my eyes so he can tell if I'm lying "of course the coffee just burned." I say I see him nod I mean the last part wasn't a lie so I guess he bought it. I see her staring at my well Luke's shirt.

Looks like you still lost. The rest of the day goes by fast pretty much me avoiding her the whole time and her flirting with him in front of me. By the time we get home it's pretty late so I head off to bed not bothering to shower till I wake up.

----------------------------------------------sorry this chapter is late and short I got super busy and couldn't get it up but here you go it's probably not perfect or good but whatever I needed to get it up! And my other fanfic about cody Simpson I'm working on the first chapter now so it will be up in a couple days!!!

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