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Chapter 2

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When I lived with my mother at my grandparents house my older cousin practically lived with us. I considered Jeff my older brother since we grew up together. Jeff and I would hang out and talk about anything and everything for hours.

The night everything changed my mother left me at my grandparents house while she ran errounds. "Can't I just come with you?" I pleaded.

"No honey. You have to stay here I have to go to by myself, but I'll be back in 3 hours." My mom told me as she walked out the door.

I watched TV for a while and hung out with my Nanny in her room. It finally reached 4:00pm and my mom still wasn't back, i tried calling her a bunch of times but It kept going to voicemail. "Can't I call her just one more time?" I moaned to my nanny as she snatched the phone away from me, answering my question. "She's supposed to be back by now!" I whined, but my nanny doesn't care.

" she will be back when she's back Nikki calm down." She says attempting to comfort me...i think. Finally I just give up. My nanny is so stubborn I know I won't win this battle. I make my way downstairs to watch TV to distract myself from the hurt and disappointment I feel inside.

Couple hours pass and I can smell the tacos my nanny is making. i drag myself upstairs when she calls my name knowing I'm not supposed to be here right now, I'm supposed to be with my mother. I don't say a word all dinner because I'm afraid that If I try to speak I will burst into tears, tears or disappointment. After dinner i help my nanny with the dishes and cleaning up to occupy myself even longer.

It's 9:00 and my mom still hasn't come back for me and now I'm more angry than sad. I'm pacing in my room when my nanny walks in, "what are you doing?" She asks.

"What?" I ask because I didn't even know she had walked in.

"I said what are you doing?"


"About what Hun?" She asks calmly and caring.

"....." I'm a little embarrassed that I admit it, "why she hasn't come back yet."

"When did she say she was going to come back?" She asks.

"4:00..." I say looking at my feet. I can't help but tear up when I finish talking because I know this isn't the first time this has happened, but it is the first time In going to take action. "Can you take me to her house?"

"You can't just go there without her Nikki." she scolds but I just push it aside.

"If I'm staying here tonight like usual im gonna need my backpack...its at her house." I explain. She takes a moment to contemplate my excuse to find my mother. Finally she says, "okay. Give me 5 minutes, Okay?" And she walks out without saying another word.

As we are pulling into her neighborhood i spot something complete unbelievable. Her car is parked outside the house. What?

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