5 ~ Head On Collison

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Title credit: New Found Glory


"Hey guys what's going on my name is MaddiePlaysThings and you're watching another one of my videos.
Today I'm addressing a serious topic. Its respecting other people music and music tastes.
A lot of people heard the demo of one of the songs that will be on our ep and were surprised it wasn't pop punk. It was metalcore.
I lost about two thousand subscribers because they don't like the music and think I'm a Satanist, I know because of the comments. That's not the point, ammount subscribers doesn't matter. I've never asked for subs and never will.
But I have to make a point that a persons music taste is so personal and important, that making people feel bad about it makes you one of the lowest kind of people I know.
The connection music has with a person is amazing, and you putting a damper on someone for that... it's just not right.
Same goes for the music a person makes. We're making music that speaks to us. If it doesn't to you. Don't listen to it.
That's all I have to say. See you guys later, stray strong, hug a pug, que outro."


Maybe this was wrong. Maybe I should just go back to what I was doing before, slowly making an acoustic album and calling my boyfriend all the time. With the only thing to look forward to a trip that'll last a few days.

No, this'll make me happy. It's time I do something like this for myself. I won't stand in Alex's shadow forever. I have what it takes to move this further.

I click upload.


Alex's pov:

"Huh." I check to make sure I was l listening to the right band. When I hear Maddie's voice I smiled, but when I heard screaming I stopped.

"Wait, what?" I said to myself.

It's not that I don't like screaming, or heavier music, it's just... unexpected. One of me and Maddie's first big connections was Blink 182, I'm in the pop punk scene, I just figured she would too...

I decided to call her up.


"Hey babe, I liked it."

"Really?" She sighed a bit. "I'm relieved."

"Why?" I chuckled.

"We just worked really hard on the song, and I know it's a little heavy..."

"A little?"

"Well... yeah it's metalcore. Its just what we want to make."

"Are you sure?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well I just want to be sure that what we want to make isn't what they want to make."

"Of course not Alex. Why would you... do you think I'm a pushover or something?"

"That's not what I meant by it. Its just, you... you're a people pleaser."

"You think I'm a pushover."

"Well sort of but I-"

"Wow, so it's true, I guess I'll just hang up the phone now, only if that's alright with you cause I can't do it if you don't want me to." She snapped.

"Maddie I'm just looking out for you! You're too nice sometimes!"

"Too nice? Do you want to know how mean I can be?"

"No, I don't, stop being such a- ah, a uh..."

"A bitch? You know what fuck you."

"Huh, funny, you haven't!"

"Don't bring that into this!"

"Why not? It's a fucking issue and that's all were focusing on right now."

"I'm hanging up."

"No, don't! I want to talk about this shit!"

3 hours of shit, that is. She finally hung up and I finally stopped calling again. I sat on my hotel bed and sighed, running a hand through my hair. A show in an hour and the love of my life threatening to break up with me.


"I've been waiting for a good day. I've been holding back long enough. I've been hurting to tell you some things."

I lunged for my phone from getting ready in the bathroom and answered it immediately. "Hello?"

"Hey Alex. I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't mean a lot of what I said. Can we make up?"

I smiled like an idiot. "Yeah, can we already?"


@AlexAllTimeLow: You guys were sick tonight!! Was a good night!


A/N: Alex's ringtone us Head On Collison btw

This was to basically explain that they're metalcore (sim to Crown The Empire & Crisis In Victory) and Idk fights are fun

Was the fight useless? Tell me, I want to make sure I'm doing this all right.

I also forgot to tell you what each member does

Maddie: Rhythm guitar & clean vocals
Jordan: Screaming
Chris: Drums
Ronnie: Bass
Leo: Lead Guitar

K bye stay strong and hug a pug ✌

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