Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

"Shhh," A girl sitting opposite us mutters the following morning. I roll my eyes towards Grace who silently laughs, yet we both know if I had been in her position, I'd be annoyed as well.

I turn to my laptop, which is the only indulgence I have allowed myself in years. It's a shiny MacBook air, looking as new as it did when I bought it two years ago. I absolutely love it and treat it like some diamond crystal. I quickly unlock it again and bring up the assignment I had been working on, yet before I can do much else, Grace has leaned into my side with a smile on her face.

"What would be wrong with having a little fun with him?" Grace whispers, making me give her a deadpanned look, yet she merely gives an impish smile and shrugs. "He's hot. You're hot. It would be hot."

"Are you listening to yourself?" I mutter, rolling my eyes and deciding to ignore her.

"I love you, Jade, but you need a little fun. I mean, don't you want to go out on a Saturday night rather than sitting at home working or working at the diner?"

"I'm quite happy sitting in and doing nothing," I whisper truthfully. "I can think of nothing worse than having to deal with polite chit-chat over some posh meal."

"Make me one promise." Grace continues, making me sigh.


"If he asks you out, say yes. You felt something for him, I saw it on your face. I'm not asking you to ask him out, but just be open to it if he suggests it." She insists, getting the girl opposite us to shhh us again.

"Do your work."

"Promise me. I won't say another word about it."

"Fine, just be quiet," I mutter, knowing she'll keep talking until I do it and there is no way Marc is asking me out. Hell, if I ever see him again, it would be a surprise.

Grace smiles, looking satisfied as she turns back to her own work. Quickly shoving the thought of Marc's hands sliding over me out of my mind, I blink a few times to let my eyes focus on the keyboard in front of me.

It takes another twenty minutes before I look up the library catalogue and scribble the code I need down before telling Grace I'll be right back.

Walking along the aisles of books, I skim the codes they all hold on the pages stuck to the end before I find the one I want.

Stopping halfway along the large bookcase, I run my eyes over the books at my level before hunching down and checking them. Finally, I step back and look up, frowning when I see the book I need on the top shelve, out of reach.

Glancing in the direction I hadn't come, I hope to see a stool, yet don't. Sighing, I glance back up at the book before grabbing the shelve in front of me to keep my balance as I go onto my tip-toes and reach up.

"Need help?" An amused deep voice greets, seeing pleasure down my spin. Jumping, I step back and bump into a hard warm chest. Flinching away, I turn to see Marc grinning down at me wearing a hoodie and jeans. Both fit him perfectly and highlight his physic. His face is the same as yesterday and the stubble is still a perfect length, making me wonder what it would feel like grazing along my thigh.

"Marc," I say, cringing when my voice is a little squeaky.

"The one and only." He muses, having to tilt his head to look at me as he is a good five inches taller than me.

"What are you doing here? Didn't you say Mike wanted to get off campus?"

"Yeah. He needed to grab something first though. I noticed you walk past. So, this is where you live according to Mike." He says, glancing around and nodding. "Homely."

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