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In a further future, humanity being the superior race was a thing of normal, even with the highly evolved environment.

Though despite humanity's advances and such, they've always been against one thing specifically: physical human evolution and subspecies.

A human is a human, and we don't need any superhumans coming along and taking over the world... well that's what they say anyway.

Humanity is on the verge of evolution though, but the next step might be too big for society to handle.

Humans have always been one of the most unique and diverse species in the ecosystem when it comes to comparing one of them to another, looking, sounding and acting entirely uniquely. What they didn't expect was for this diversity to cause... a problem.

New generations of children come and go all the time, but more recent generations have shown unique children with... extremely unnatural or abnormal abilities, whether it be genetic physical changes in their body or appearance, or even having some sort of unexplained hidden power.

These caused a huge problem when they first arised, for one main reason. They could be literally anywhere, and possess any strength, there was a power nobody knew or expected that nobody could control, and they were just out there.

So, the government took VERY drastic procedures...

Nowadays, every newborn goes through extensive tests to find out if they're different or special, there's a lot of terms for them. "Freaks, gifted, evolved, abnormal, un-normies" the list goes on.

So they basically built a big playpen for them.

This wasn't the first of many Biodomes, a large securely contained environment to monitor and research everyone living in them at once, to provide a place they could live along with getting... well, everything they needed to survive as well as simulating a society where they can continue to try to be normal.

Biodomes weren't new, not at all. Most of the world in fact has converted to the convenience of biodomes, every single one having a unique and differently adapted environment. Most people live in city or residential biodomes that connect, while the richest people own their own giant biodomes.

Outside the biodomes are dead wasteland that we don't talk about.

But you can't just go wherever, you need access. And as...someone different, you're not going anywhere else for a while.

There's a biodome already set up, nicknamed "Rfyrah Jungle", a thick jungle with a few surrounding mountains, with many beautiful hiking paths and a large town in the centre for you to inhabit and make a life.

Though in the future, everything adapts and evolves fast nowadays... let's just hope that for now, life stays simple.

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