Love Is Blind [3]

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Gran pulled up a dark blue, puffy chair and settled into it. I sat back and took a small sip of the water the nurse brung in for me.

"What's going on with you, Skye? Why didn't you tell anyone? Why did you let this happen?" she asked. Her face was pained with, not disappointment, but sadness. I bit my lip to keep the tears from spilling. My Gran had always taught me to be strong, to never let anything get me down. Or anyone. And I'd let her, and myself down.

"I don't know Gran. I thought he loved me. I thought that if I'd stopped making him angry, that he'd be nicer. But anything I did would set him off...and then, I told Quinn and Jared, and they wanted me to tell someone." I waited to see if Gran had anything to say before I continued.

"When we found out that I was pregnant, he flipped everything on me and said it was all my fault. He kept calling me a slut and a whore and said it wasn't his, so I had to get rid of it, or he'd do it for me. And I'm so scared of him, Gran. I didn't want him to hurt it...or me. And I didn't want to bring a child into the world with so much despise it because it was apart of him too..." a hand touched my shoulder and I looked up to see Gran smiling at me gently.

"My dear child, I know that you had good intentions, and that you thought you loved him. But if you loved him, and yourself, you wouldn't have let him do this to you. Now, you're a Davis and we're strong. A boulder in a pile of pebbles. Now, get some rest, and we'll get you out of here in the morning, alright?"

I nodded and laid back. She kissed my forehead and had the nurse deliver some food to the room. She always thought that food could always make anyone feel better. But not in this case. I pushed it around the plate, while the finale of 16 & Pregnant was on. She tried to turn it, but i told her to keep it on. I wasn't all that bummed out about the abortion anymore. I felt terrible, don't get me wrong, but just like Gran said. I have to move on. We stayed like that for hours, just sitting in comfortable silence, and I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up to a room full of people again. Everyone had come back, except for my Aunt and cousins.

"Hi, sweetheart. We're here to take you home. So Quinn agreed to help get you dressed if you need help," my dad said. He smiled at me warmly, and I made a mental note to get him something good for Christmas. My Mom was there, but she still wasn't speaking to me, and was sitting in a corner, texting. Probably her assistant. I was ready 20 minutes later and I decided to ride with Quinn, Jared, and Hadley. At first we were quiet, but then Quinn and Hadley started a small conversation about our homecoming in a few weeks.

"So...I was thinking that you could run for queen," Hadley said. I perked up at that. Quinn was one of the sweetest girl I've ever known, and she's been through a lot.

"I think that's a good idea Hadley! Quinn would look gorgeuos in green, with a cute curly hair style, and-"

"No, I was talking about you Skye," Hadley smiled. I stared at her, like she'd lost her damn mind.

"Why would I do that?"

"Because, you qualify. You're so pretty, and athletic, and smart, and a lot of people like you. And we think it would help lift your spirits," Quinn stated. I looked to Jared for help and he just smiled at me.

"There's nothing wrong about what she said."

I blushed, because he'd just admitted that I was pretty, but because I didn't think of myself as those things. I knew they were probably going to sign me up, whether i wanted to or not. So i decided to not fight it and just go along with it.

"Fine, but I get to choose my date and dress," I mumbled. Quinn and Hadley just clapped and squealed and we all screamed at Quinn to keep her damn hands on the wheel. 

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