Chapter 107

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Since it's Thanksgiving, literally everyone is here. Bri's family, my family, Shaierra & KJ. It's pretty packed, but I don't mind.

While everyone was in the den, Bri & I were in the kitchen. She was sitting on the counter, trying to get me to have sex with her.

"Blake, come on. Any other time you would try to drag me upstairs and now you don't want to?"

"Everyone is gonna wonder where we are and they'll hear us," I said.

"No they won't."

"You tell me all the time neither of us know how to be quiet; why is this time so different?" I asked, standing in between her legs.

"Because I'm horny as fuck and I want you to take me upstairs and have your way with me."

"I would love to, but there are way too many people in this house," I said, placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Oh God, I've already started getting fat. That's why you don't wanna have sex with me, isn't it?"

In the middle of her talking, Darrell walked in and looked at us skeptically.

"What does she mean 'already getting fat?'" he asked, "are you pregnant?"

Bri & I looked at each other and figured we might as well tell him since he figured it out.

"Yes, but don't tell anyone. We're gonna tell them later," Bri said.

"I won't, but congratulations," he said giving her a hug.

"Thanks, but why'd you come in here?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah. Hook me up with your friend," he smirked, leaning on the counter.

"What friend?"

"Jennifer. That girl is so fine."

"Um, what about Alexis?" I asked.

"We broke up two days after Camilla's wedding," he said.

"What happened?" Bri asked.

"You know she was driving a wedge in my relationship with Ma," he said, "and she was hella jealous, controlling and a fucking nag."

"I tried to tell you about her, but you didn't listen," Bri said, "I'll call Jennifer though."


Darrell left the kitchen and Bri got her phone so she could call Jennifer.

"I thought Jennifer was seeing someone?" I asked.

"They were never official. They decided to stop seeing each other, so he's gonna try and make it work with his baby mama."

I nodded.

"Is it okay if Jennifer comes?" Bri asked, "she doesn't wanna go to her parents' house."

"Of course."

After she got off the phone, she wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me.

"See, we could've been upstairs and we would've been done by now. Nobody would've even known."

She continued to kiss me and I felt my pants tighten a little. She looked down, then looked back up and smirked.

"It looks like Little Blake wants to go upstairs. You should listen to him," she said, jumping off the counter.

She grabbed my arm and tried to pull me towards the stairs, but I wouldn't move. Instead, she slid until her butt touched the floor.

"Blake, why do you hate me?" she pouted.

I picked her up off the floor and put her back on the counter, "I don't hate you, babe."

"Yes you do," she said, still pouting. She's so cute.

"Fix your face," I said, putting my forehead against hers.

"Why don't you make me," she said.

"I -"

"Alright you two, it's time to eat," my mom said walking in & out of the kitchen.

"Dammit," Bri cursed under her breath.

She hopped off the counter and we went in the dining room. I looked around the table and thought about how thankful I am for all of them.

After her dad said grace, we started eating. I noticed Briana wasn't eating and I think everyone else noticed too.

"Bri, you're not gonna eat?" her mom asked.

"The only thing I'm hungry for, Blake won't give to me," she mumbled.

I looked at her and hit her thigh under the table.

"Actually, Blake & I have something to tell y'all," she said.

I got up from the table to get the two sonogram pictures. When I got back to the table, I handed one picture to my mom and the other one to Bri's mom.

"You're pregnant?!?!" my mom asked her with excitement written all over her face.

Bri nodded and smiled.

Everyone congratulated us and our moms wouldn't stop talking about it.


After we cleaned up, everyone went in the den to watch football, except Bri & I.

"Babe, can we go upstairs now?" she asked, hugging me from behind.

"Bri -"

"Blake, listen. Our dads are way too in to the game to care what we're doing, our moms are too busy talking about babies, Darrell & Jennifer went out and Taylor, Marieka, Shaierra & Jourdyn took the kids. All we need to do is go up to the bedroom."

She grabbed my hand and I let her lead me to the bedroom where we did eventually have sex.


After catching our breath, we just lied in the bed with our legs tangled together.

"There's something I wanted to ask you since we got back together, but I never had the chance. I don't want you to get mad though," I said.

"What is it?"

"Did you have sex with Kaepernick?"

She held her head down, "that depends on what you consider sex."

"What do you mean?"

"I only let him go down on me because it felt like I was cheating on you," she said.

"Was he better than me?" I asked.

"Do you really want me to answer that?"


"No. It's not like it was bad, he just didn't make me scream like you do."

I smirked, then kissed her.

"Now I have a question for you," she said, making me nervous.

"And what is that?"

"Did you really think I cheated on you?" she asked, holding her head down.

"At first I did. It's just, Tatiana showed me pictures & messages and they looked so real."

She nodded, "well was she better than me?"

"Hell no! She was stiff and oh my God, her moans were annoying. She sounded like Fran Drescher."

"Ewww," she giggled, making me laugh.

I'm glad we were able to talk & laugh about that. I'm so thankful to have such a humble, loving, forgiving fiancé.

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