Christmas with a psycopath

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"Jypsie!" my step father yelled. "What?!" i yelled from my comfortable postion in bed. "Get up!"  I sighed. "Now before i come up there!" I stood up and slammed my door. It may be Christmas Eve everywhere else but at my house it was just another day. "Dont make me come up there!" he yelled again. "I'm up!' i screamed. God, i hate him. I showered and put on a new outfit; a dark blue shirt, light blue skinny jeans, and white converse. 

You're probably wondering who i am. Well, my name is Jypsie Grit. I have a younger sister named, Luna she is 9. Our parents liked weird names. I said liked because both of them are now dead, we live with our step-dad. Our dad was killed in Iraq because he was in the army. Our mom was killed in a car crash wich also took the life of our older brother Dexman. My life revolves around my sister. Since my step father is too lazy to get off his lazy butt to do anywork i have to. Oh yeah i forgot to tell you what i look like. I'm tall about 5'9, blonde hair, and bright green eyes. I work at a small resturant called, 'Lulu's cafe.'

"Hurry up! Or you're gonna be late!" my step father bellowed. One day i swear i'm gonna kill him. "Luna!" i yelled knocking on her door. It was right down the hall from mine. She came out smiling. Her blonde hair was tied back with a few strands falling into her hazel eyes. She wore yellow shirt with blue jeans and black converse. "Ready?" i asked. She nodded. She loved coming to work with me. I smiled at her and together we went downstairs. WE walked to the resteraunt. It was covered in Christmas lights and decorations. We walked in and was greeted by the sound of people talking. "Hey, Charlie," i said waving at the lady behind the counter. She smiled and waved saying, "Hey Jypsie." We went behind the counter. "Luna can you sit on the other side of the counter today?" i asked putting on my apron. She nodded and sat. "If you need anything dont hesitate to ask," Charlie said. "Thank you," she said. "Jypsie i need you to do tables." I nodded grabbing my order form. I went to a little corner in the back. "Hey my name is Jypsie and i'll be your server today. Can i start you off with something to drink?" i asked. It was a group of guys from school. Tanner had brown shaggy hair, and blue eyes, Jason had blonde spiky hair and green eyes, and John had dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. They were all on the football team. "Jypsie?" Tanner said. "Yes, my parents liked the name." They snikkered. "What do you want to drink?" "A coke please," Jason said. "Me to," Tanner and John said at the same time. I nodded acting like I wrote it down. "You ready to order now or later?" "Uh, later," Jason said. I nodded and walked away. I put the order in and went around to the other tables. At about noon i finally was able to sit for a while. I sat with a sigh. "You okay?" Luna asked. "Yeah, just tierd," i lied. I wasnt okay, i knew Luna loved Christmas and i hadnt gotten her anything. "Hey Charlie?" i asked looking up at her. "Can you watch Luna for a sec I wanna go do something?" She nodded. "I'll be back," i said leaving. I went to the toy store and wandered around. I found a pretty doll that i knew Luna would like. I bought it and wrapped it before i left. I went back to the resteraunt with the doll. I sat next to Luna with a smile. "I can't wait," i said handing her the gift. She gasped. "Go ahead open it," i said. She ripepd it open and stared at the doll. She hugged me. "I love it!" she said. "i thought you would," i said smiling. "Look," Charlie said. I followed her gaze to the tv. It was a warning to watch out for some serial killer. Some people called him a psycopath others just plain crazy. He looked kind of angry with his wild greyish blue eyes and crazy brown hair. He would've been cute if he didnt look like a .... psycopath. "Jypsie you should go home it's Christmas eve," Charlie said. "That doesnt mean anyhting at my house," i mummbled getting up. I started washing one of the empty tables. "Still take a day off, you're always here." "Thank you." "Merry Christmas!" I smiled and waved good bye. We walked home. Luna was carrying her doll with a smile. Somehow while we were gone our step father got off his lazy butt and cleaned. The house was now packed with family from all over the place mostly people i've never met. I rolled my eyes and went up stairs. Luna followed. We both sat in my room. "Who are those people?" Luna asked. "Honestly i have no idea," i said. I went to my closet and put my pj's on; a tight blue tank top and penguin pants. It was oddly silent down stairs meaning something was wrong. "Go hide in the closet stay hidden no matter what you hear," i whispered. Luna ran to the closet. I grabbed the baseball bat from the floor and set it near the door just in case. I opened the door and slowly made my way down stairs. The first thing i saw was my family tied up. I didnt know most of them but they were still family. I ran to them not careing. I tried untieing them but i heard a click and a male voice say, "I wouldnt do that if i were you." I turned and saw the man from the news standing there. My heart was racing. "You really are beautiful," he said pointing a gun at me. "Is there more of you?" I shook my head, but all i thought of was Luna. "I was told other wise." "You were told wrong," i said gathering my strength. "If you tell me her name she may live." "May?" "As in she is allowed. Now whats her name?" "She's not even here." "Where is she?" "Don't know." "Call her name." "WHy?' He cocked the gun. "Just do it!" "LUNA!" i yelled. She didnt answer. "Try again." "LUNA!" Still nothing. He moved towards my family giving me a chance to run. I bolted up the stairs and to my room. I grabbed the baseball bat and hid behind the door. The man came into my room sounding very agrivated. He had his back to me. I swung to hit him, but he turned and caught the bat. He had a smirk on his face. "There you are," he said. He ripped the bat from my hands and threw it against the wall. He grabbed my hair and threw me onto my bed. I screamed.  I heard a low whimper and my eyes widened. "Oh and what was that?" the man asked. He made his way to the closet. He pulled open the door and smiled. "Oh and who is this?" he asked grabbing Luna's arm. He pulled her to her feet. God she looked scared. "Jypsie!" she yelled. I tackled him with the strength i had. "Run LUNA!" i yelled struggling to keep him down. She ran, dont know where, but she ran. I heard the door slam shut and i sighed with relief. For a nine year old she runs fast. The man threw me against the wall. "You little....!!" he didnt finish. I was breathing heavily. I grabbed my hair and dragged me down stairs. He pointed the gun at my step father and shot him going down the line. I screamed for him to stop but he didnt. He actually just laughed. He still had a grip on my hair. He pulled a needle out off his pocket and let go off my hair. "Run," he whispered. I took it and ran. I ran to my room but he caught up with me before i could grab the bat. He stuck the needle into my neck and i blacked out.

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