Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Last night, Lyanna Stark dreamt that she could fly, it was a wonderful dream and soon, she and Bran will fly together. When Lyanna told this to Lord Brynden, he said she might able to fly sooner through the raven's eyes. Despite the excitement, Lyanna was still saddened, saddened by the sight of Jojen who still grows sullen and solitary. She does care for him, more than care. She loves the boy, loves him enough to need him.

One noon, Meera, Hodor and Lyanna went down the river to fetch fishes, Bran wanted fishes and craved for a roast one. While Lyanna gets the net, stood over the water with the net under the water, and Meera will catch the fish with her spear. It was a quiet noon, only the river can be flowing and Hodor muttering "Hodor"

"Is he up there again?" Lyanna asked Meera about Jojen.

Meera gave a sad and a nod.

"I'm scared too" Lyanna told her. Meera struck her spear into the water by the net and caught one fish.

"I don't know what to do with him anymore" Meera sniffled, "I don't want to lose him"

As do I, Lyanna thought. "Hodor" Hodor muttered softly. They spent an hour catching fishes, they caught three so far, and they needed a few more. Hodor was kneeling and leaning by the river, splashing the water with his hands playfully. Lyanna knew Hodor was Hodor now and she would know if it's Bran or not. If it was Bran, he does terrible acting as Hodor. Lyanna cleaned the fishes while Meera was still looking for more. Lyanna looked around time to time for some reason, waiting for someone, it was Jojen she was waiting, but even though she knew he won't come.

"Tell me about Wintefell" Meera said, "tell me about the royal King's arrival" Lyanna knew Meera needed some distraction to keep her mind off from fear.

"Robert Baratheon, he was, of course, fat" Lyanna began, "he barely even got off his own horse. Not what you expect from a king, you know... He drank in front of his Queen and children, and he whored in front of them too"

"That's awful" Meera said, she was looking out for the net to see if the net caught any fishes.

"He was still my father's best friend" Lyanna said, "When Robert was king from beginning to the end, there was no war at all. Until he died"

"What was good about Robert Baratheon was that there was peace in Westeros"

Lyanna nodded in agreement.

Once they caught enough fishes, about six fishes, they cleaned them and skinned them. "He loves you, you know?" Meera said.

Lyanna looked at her while she was carving the fish, "What?"

"Jojen..." Meera muttered, "...he never wanted me to mention about it. He loves you, 'love' loves you kind of way"

Lyanna lowered her head, keeping her eyes on the fish.

"He has all along" Reed girl said, "...even before we came to Winterfell, before he dreamt of your father's death"

That surprised Lyanna. All along? She thought confusedly. She wondered, she never met the boy before, not once, she never even knew he existed until he came to Winterfell to pledge their loyalty. "I--I don't...understand" she stammered.

"He dreamt of you" Meera said, "he dreamt of you, regular dreams and green dreams. I don't know how long. He never really told me what he saw in his dreams, he just kept telling father and I about a girl name, Lyanna Stark. Father first thought it was your aunt, I did too, he told Jojen that, and he guessed that it was you. Once father sent us to Winterfell. That moment, that very moment when Jojen stepped into the Great Hall, he saw you, he said 'There she is' looking at you like he never looked at anyone like that before"

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