Turn On - Sam Winchester (Smut)

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(In reader's P.O.V)

You sat on the motel bed, playing with your fingers. Dean was out investigating 'witnesses' to what looks to be a werewolf case.

You and Sam were left to 'research'. You had been friends with the Winchesters for a long time now, you guys always hunted together.

"Sam?" You stared at the ceiling.

"Yeah, (Y/N)?" Sam answered, not looking away from the computer.

"What's a turn on for you?" You and Sam had always been the closest, so you usually always asked Sam the weird questions.

He looked back at you, surprised.

"Well, I have a lot." He laughed, running his hand through his hair and looking back at his computer.

"Like what? Name a few." You smiled.

He looked away again, making eye contact with you.

"Hair tugging, lip biting, dirty talk?" He smiled, almost looking embarrassed.

"Haha, don't be embarrassed. We all have our kinky little enjoyments." You smirked.

"Yeah? What's yours?" He lifted an eyebrow, looking intrigued. You blushed, sitting up.

"Strong, tall men. Rough sex.." You caught Sam's gaze as he got up and sat next to you.

"Really?" He smiled.

You nodded, grabbing Sam's face and kissing him. He ran his fingers through your hair, tugging and kissing your neck.

You slid his hands under your ass and held you in his arms. Sam licked over your revealed chest, making you moan. You stopped him and pulled off your shirt, pulling his off after. You stood up for a quick second to pull off your jeans, then Sam did the same.

He reconnected his lips roughly to yours and unsnapped your bra. He groped your ass, pulling you closer to him.

He put his mouth to your ear, "You're so beautiful, (Y/N)." He pulled away to flash that adorable smile of his.

You hungrily attacked Sam's lips, pushing him down on the bed. You straddled Sam, and rocked your hips against his. He groaned as you tugged at his hair, kissing him again.

He quickly flipped you over and took charge of the situation.

He pulled down his boxers and nipped at your laced underwear, pulling them down. He placed a soft kiss against your sex, leaving you wanting more.

You moaned as he ran his hands all over your body.

You pulled his head up to yours so you could kiss him again. Knowing it drove him insane, you bit his bottom lip earning a loud groan in response.

"Fuck." He grunted, trying to contain himself. "Fuck me." You whispered, locking eyes with Sam.

He nodded and stroked himself, then started licking your sex to make sure you both were ready. You pouted as he pulled away. He placed himself at your entrance, slowly easing his way in.

"Shit, (Y/N) you're so tight." He moaned deeply, starting to slightly thrust. All you could do was gasp as he filled you up. The sounds Sam made had you weak in the knees.

He grunted and groaned as he began to thrust harder. You moaned uncontrollably as he hit your sweet spot repeatedly.

"SAM!" You yelled, scratching his back trying to hold him.

You cryed tears of pleasure as you felt yourself close to the edge.

"Sam, I'm gonna c-" You whined, clenching around Sam.

"Come for me." He grunted, thrusting harder then before. You gave a last scream and climaxed. Three more thrusts and Sam came with you.

Sam layed himself down on you, wrapping his big arms around your tiny waist.

"(Y/N)?" Sam played with a piece of your hair.

"Yes, Sam?" You answered, smiling to yourself.

"I love you. I've always loved you. Ever since I first layed my eyes on you, I fell for you." He laughed, "I sound stupid I know, I'm sorr-".

You picked his head up and kissed him.

"I love you too, Sam." You smiled, and kissed him again. He layed his head back on your bare chest, you both fell asleep quickly and in each others arms.

Thanks for reading, beauties. Hope you enjoyed my first SPN imagine!

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