(Qannen) the dramatic reveal you're expecting

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After a beat Qannen sits up abruptly, eyes wide open and clear, staring intently at Dzzahn. "Alone at last, my good bitch."

Dzzahn blinks. "Wait are you. Are you OK."

Qannen's eyes bug out in disbelief. "NO I'm not OK, look at me. Eh? Eh? Eh?" she says, pointing to her face, her hand, her everything. She slides off the bed and looks at herself in the mirror. "Wow. Not great. How could you let this happen to me, Dzzahn? I didn't hear a lot of strong advocacy for my rights. I thought we had a vibe. No?" Pulls a package of TopSlash brand hydrating miracle wipes off the floor and starts dabbing at her face.

Dzzahn releases a deep sigh. "I thought. I thought you were really hurt."

Qannen glares at him. "I AM really hurt," she says, then softens, patting her heart. "In here."

"Look, I didn't want him to- I'm really sorry. This has all gotten a little out of control. There was a plan that made sense when we started, and it didn't even involve you, at all, but now, with everything, I mean Dan and Dave, and everything, and it's-"

Qannen cuts him off, bored. "Whatever, who cares." She raises the lighting with a tap and examines her face in the mirror. "I'll need to get this looked at but it'll be OK." She finds a tube of something and wipes it near the wound. "I had a friend, Alessandroid, who was on one season of Reconfigurements. I forget which season. 4? 5? The one with the guy whose dance style involved repeatedly breaking his ankles? It was horrifying but incredibly engaging. They were talking about needing to remove is feet entirely and fit him with robotic prosthetics, and it was a whole dramatic arc about him learning to love this new non-human aspect of himself. What was I talking about. Alessandroid. She fell out of a Modo and had a huge scar on her arm, but they did such a good job on her. Couldn't even tell. I mean she's dead now but my point is, fixable."

"Your finger though..."

Qannen holds her hand out in front of her, her index finger bent at a terrifying angle from the rest of her hand. She locks eyes with Dzzahn, grabs her finger with her other hand, and twists it back in place with a quick twist and a loud grunt. "You think I haven't had my finger broken before?" She shakes her hand out gently, breathing through the pain. "It's fine for now. Back when Qynka and I were training to be on Huntyyy they gave us these tents things, to protect us from the weather, which was at like 120% that week, but we had to set them up ourselves and they were pretty dangerous, and Qynka, idiot-"

"Did it wrong," Dzzahn says, jumping in. "She pressed the button before you had your hand in the right place and it almost tore your finger off. I remember that."

"Do you," Qannen says, eyeing him. "Interesting. Yes. Broke two fingers. No apology."

"What about your head though? I'm so sorry Rob punched you, it's beyond unforgivable and I will talk to him about that. It's important that we maintain some semblance of-"

"What? No that was his one good move in the whole scene. I saw that punch coming from two seasons back, he barely got me. I'm fine. Still your girl." Qannen nods at Dzzahn's screen. "How's your video doing? How many thousands of likes. How much awareness have you promoted for your vague and ridiculous belief systems."

"Let's see. It's up to." Dzzahn stares at his screen. "Still uploading. Our screens are a little..."

"Trash. Your screens are trash. I told you this is a waste of time. Technically the only thing that would help is if you uploaded it from mine. But like don't you think I'm doing such a good job of not having a screen? Can we appreciate how I've barely even been asking for it? I've barely even been complaining about how much it hurts me physically to have an empty hand."

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