Jasdeep Singh Introduction

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Jasdeep Singh has attended the University of Connecticut. From there, he did his Master of Arts in Education. In 2016, Jasdeep Singh became principal at Riverside Magnet School. The school is functioned by both LEARN (this is not an acronym) and Goodwin College.

Jasdeep Singh is an expert in terms of R Studio, Microsoft Office (advanced Excel), Google+ applications, multimedia creation, public speaking, and presentation

While offering his services as the principal, he directed a culture shift across all stakeholders to enhance climate and perception of support and safety feedback scores by more than 40%. He taught for nine years at Sedgwick Middle School in West Hartford, CT. While working there, he taught seventh-grade science.

Jasdeep Singh played a great role in enhancing private, state, and federal grants to expand program offerings and measurable results.

Jasdeep Singh also increased the number of students and staff by 35% by implementing and leading a growth plan that utilized state funding. He is now more into financial management.

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