Riding Lessons, Conflict And Feelings

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It was seven o'clock the morning and Joshaya was out in the rounding pen.
Of course Josh didn't put Maya on a very dangerous horse since she was only starting but one who was kinda tamed.

"This is Lucky. He is gently and when you are better we can look to put you on a horse who is a bit more of a challenge. But for now I think this one will do," Josh said.
"Okay. Let's see what you're working with," Maya said.
"Need a leg up?" Josh asked and Maya nod as he helps her onto the horse.
"Alrwasy much better than other people. Okay. Take the reins here and put your foot into the sattle," Josh said and Maya did as she was told.

Lucas, Farkle and Zay were walking towards the barn when Lucas saw what was going on.

"Thought your niece would ask rather you than Josh to teach her to ride or can she ride?" Lucas asked and Farkle looked over at the two young teens.
"No, she can't," Farkle said walking to them.

"Okay, so what you're going to do now..."
"What the hell, Maya? I thought I'm your teacher," Farkle said and Maya looked at him.
"What?" Maya asked.
"At least put a damn helmet on your head. She's a beginner, Josh. Not one of your friends who has been riding for years," Farkle said.
"Relax. I know what I'm doing. Not like she's racing. She's just learning to go around in a sircle," Josh said as he went to the fence gabbing a helmet.
"Rather put one on so I don't get into trouble with your nephew," Josh said.
"My nephew should mind his own business," Maya said putting the helmet on and securing it.
"Happy?" Maya asked.
"Very much. I'm watching you," Farkle said as he and his friends were off.

"I'm sorry. He's overprotective. Was ever since we were kids," Maya said.
"You wanna go on?" Josh asked.
"Yeah," Maya said.


"You weren't that bad. Even if I have to say it myself," Josh said as he put the horse away.
"Thank you. But there are certainly a few insecurities from Farkle's side which I don't know how to fix. He has always been the greatest guy and now he is acting very weird. I have to get going. I'll see you tomorrow again," Maya said and was off.

Josh looked as the young girl walked off to the ranch next door.
She was obviously very gorgeous and to him it didn't matter that Farkle said all of those things.
He certainly felt a weird connection towards the young girl but he also wasn't sure how much he should tell himself.
Maybe it's nothing but maybe it is something.

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