introducing(sp?) Mr. Evaidd

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.10.25. yaneli=italics Jas=the other font haha((: enjoy! nd comment at the end!!!


ahh ok

sorri i jus wana sock my freaknin sister on the face riite now




ugh i hate her soooooo much

thts  dnt like bein the youngest


*y i

same here! but 4 me my lil sis gets on my nerves!

 atleast you can be the boss of her

man i cnt do nothn wit this evil person i hav to call 'sister'

HAHA no she screams at anything i do like

today i took the colored pencils 2 borrow and apperantly she wanted them cause i had them so i had 2 give them 2 hr!

ugh well wuttvrz thts just bein a lil brat (ur sis)


grrrrr y does the world hav to hav mean sisters



gahh i can just shoot the world(globe) rite now

but then ud die and u wouldnt b married 2 the fly yet!

ugh who cares bout marriage rite now

im still to young

uh u

nd no ur old!


 besides we get to get reincarnated


OMG i wanna b a ...... idk

 i wana be a butterfly

or a panda

yea...eithr those two

no a butterfly 1 of those blue metalic 1s they look beautiful!

yanelli weirdo has signed out.


yd u sign out??

ur so mean ):

yanelli weirdo has signed back in.

GAH stupid comupter!


proving yesterdays point

soooo anyways did u hear of that 1 kid that died?

HI mr.evaidd hows the girlfriend

OMG WAT she's preg...NO WAY!

yehhh i herd tht!

may the bicyclist rest in peace

mabe hr nd jazzez babe will get married!


if its a bouy nd girl!


im not having no more babies


but u just got pregnant 4 the 16th time....

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