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Seven || the home, she couldn't hold on

"You're my home;
A home where I belong,
But I lost it because of my own mistake"


A simple four-lettered word, a word with so many emotions. A word that brings all the emotions of humans.

Love is painful but at the same it's beautiful. It makes us smile, cry, angry, hurt, happy, etc. Most importantly, it makes us human. Being vulnerable isn't a fault, it's a virtue of humans.

You're not perfect but imperfectly perfect. And love never fails, it's just sometimes people in love fail.


When Swara realized she was in love with Sanskaar. She decided to win back his trust no matter what. Then again she gave up on him, on her love when Kavita waltz back into their life.

Kavita, Sanskaar's first love for whom he was ready to go anything even it's mean destroying his own family. Even though Sanskaar wanted to fight back but Swara didn't want to hurt Kavita. In the process, she was hurting her, and Sanskaar she couldn't realize that. But destiny brought them together again.

And this time Swara didn't have up. Even Sanskaar stood beside her like a pillar. They had gone through many ups and downs.

Sanskaar tried to win her back when she lost memory. Even though she hated him and said many harsh words. But still, Sanskaar never left her side.

Sanskaar was there always for her, standing beside her and supporting her. He's her home and she knew it. He will be there for her no matter what. That's why she forgot to appreciate him enough to hold onto her.

But Swara needed to hold on to her family, even though the people couldn't appreciate her enough. Her father Shekar Gadodia couldn't even trust without proof. He never took her side when she needed it. Then her half-sister Ragini almost killed and then tried to defame her in front of all.

She needed to prove everyone to gain their trust again. But still, they couldn't trust her enough. They even blame her for doing two-timing with Laksh and Sanskaar. Even after whatever she did for them.

And when Ragini got kidnapped, they blamed her even though it's not her fault. But every time she forgave them and moved on.

But for the first time, Sanskaar asked her something. But she did what she wanted, she wanted to hold on to the people who didn't appreciate her enough. And because of that, she let go of the man who was there for her always.

Maybe she could do it at any other time, maybe she could give him some time to cope with everything before going behind his back and betraying him. Swara couldn't realize that she's going to hurt her Sanskaar in the process.

And that day when Sanskaar looked at her with his hurt filled eyes, she felt horrible. But still, she did what she wanted to do, she went to Maheshwari's house to finish the game of Adarsh and Parineeta.

But she didn't know that she's going to lose her home, her Sanskaar.

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