How Will We Get Around It? - IV

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Blue light shrouded him, emanating from the screens positioned acutely in front of the mindless sheep, sitting calmly, hands clasped firmly on mouses and keyboards, eyes glued to those screens. Windows closed, not a single breath of air let in, blinds created a film over them, refusing to let in natural light, forcing unawareness of time, manipulating the occupants into a continuous stream of work. 

Richard's eyes raised as with bored agitation he sat back in his chair and stared around the room, waiting distractedly for his mind the click into gear. Seeing nothing of interest, nothing he hadn't seen a thousand times over, he bent forward, arriving at his central working position. A second passed. He pushed himself back, scanning the room again. And returned to his usual position. Then back out again.

Huh... He sighed. Devin's not here today...? His eyes flickered. Nope. They must have moved him, or maybe he's just a Passer-Through. A smile. That would make sense. 

Dropping his slightly raised chair, he re-focused his attention on the screen in front of him, determined to do his duty.

A pause.

He pursed his lips, moving his face to the side in order to peer at his jawline in the reflection of the glass. Another sigh. Why am I so distracted today! Seriously! Just-! Pressing his hands to his temples, he rubbed, applying slight pressure. It's fine, just get you head in the game, get your head in the game... You can do this. 

And, like it was summoned, three loud knocks echoed around the room, their origin - the door. This was quickly followed with gruff voices from outside, murmuring, muttering, before a younger voice spoke up. "Stay seated but alert. No need for concern, our information is directed and therefore does not concern all of you."

With the authority's words, all the technical facility sat back in their seats, clasping their hands and staring expectantly at the door with eyes that could only be described as dead. Another pause. The door was thrown wide open, a stream of soldiers walking confidently through the open doorway left behind.

Eyes raised at the sudden entry, surprise amounted by the glares of annoyance shot the way of the seated. Yet, bored expressions quickly followed as the soldiers realised the calm complacency the people portrayed. 

A second of silence entered before the head of the charge began to speak, followed by bored glances and invisible messages. "Alright, this may seem unexpected, but I promise you it won't take long. We were sent to collect a man from this specific technical facility named Richard. He is to come with us to the flight bay along with several other separately collected people to join a mission squadron sent on business of the utmost secrecy. He is to head to his room to pack a single suitcase before continuing with us straight to the flight bay. He is to leave within the hour and be made aware that he will not be returning for a fair length of time, so his work will be distributed throughout the remainder of the workers. Is that understood?" 

The worker shared a soft communal groan before turning their attention back to the troop.

"Richard is to walk to the front now and join with us to travel to his single apartment."

Standing up from his chair, Richard walked towards them, expression purely black so as not to reveal any emotion or feeling. When reaching them, he stood. Still. Awaiting their movements, awaiting their guiding hand to lead him, showing no resistance. 

The leader of the group looked towards him and nodded, viewing his appearance and agreeing on something with themselves. A small smile. Then the guiding hand rose and the troop strode briskly out of the room, venturing towards the homes, soon to move to the flight bay.

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