chapter 1

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Hisashi sat next to sasuke in class and looked out of the window as he waited 'naruto is in trouble again huh?' He thought in his head and smiled lightly as he shook his head. As he slowly leans on sasuke abit and hums softly and smiled when sasuke gave him a few pats. As usual girls would always cry out that they were such good best friends and others would say hisashi is to clingy. Sasuke couldn't care less what other people say or feel what mattered to him was hisashi and his plan for revenge. After the massacres, all sasuke had was hisashi there with him, both young and afraid, sasuke had gained separation anxiety at the time.

He then jumps when he sees iruka-sensei bring in naruto in. "Mmm" hisashi hums in worry, hisashi wasn't one to talk, he only did when he really needed to, he was an extremely shy boy towards anyone new to him.

"I'm at the end of the end of my rope naruto, you failed the graduation test last time and the time before that, tomorrow you have a chance and your messing up again" iruka-sensei scolded as he looked down at naruto.

"Hmmph" naruto whipped his head to the side making iruka-sensei get mad even more. "Fine! Because you missed it everyone will have to the transformation jutsu" iruka-sensei yelled at the whole class.

Hisashi sighs softly and shook his head but he needed to practice anyways so he didn't complain like the rest of the class.
He stood up with the rest of the class and waited, as usual hisashi stayed by sasuke's side as he waited.

"Alright my turn here we go" a certain pink head, sakura huffs "transformation jutsu" she called out. She then went poof and transformed into iruka-sensei "very good sakura" iruka-sensei states as he wrote in his clip board. "Yeah! I did it" sakura cried out happily "sasuke did you see that?" She turns to sasuke, sasuke of course didn't pay no mind of it. "Next sasuke uchiha"

Sasuke just did the hand sign and transformed into iruka-sensei. "Next hisashi tsukiyama"

Hisashi walked forward for a moment hearing a few girls awe at him. "Mm" he nods slightly then poofed into sasuke which was the only thing on his mind. "Very good hisashi you have gotten better" iruka-sensei smiled, "mmhm" hisashi smiled happily as he turns to sasuke who looked back at him with a soft and warm look.

Hisashi giggled softly feeling proud of himself then walked back to the side. "Next naruto uzumaki" iruka-sensei called out. "This is a total waste of time naruto" shikamaru sighs "we always have to go through your mess" ino grumbles. "Like I care" Naruto huffs and walk forward.

Hisashi watched silently "transform" naruto yelled out and once the smoke parted he was an total naked chick. Hisashi's eyes widen then felt them be covered with a very familiar, soft yet strong grip.

Iruka-sensei ended up getting a huge nosebleed at the sight of it. Naruto poofed back and started laughing "hahahaha! Got ya" he cried out pointing at the teacher "that's my sexy jutsu" hle laughs "I'm done with your pranks! That's your last warning!" He yelled again.

Hisashi then was finally be able to see again, he turns to sasuke with a confused look

"You dont need to know" sasuke sighs they took their headbands and they both went home.

Hisashi had put his headband over his mouth felt comfortable that way for him.

"Glad to see we both are gonna train together I was a little worried" sasuke admits. Hisashi turns to him with happy eyes "mm" he giggled softly and pat sasuke's head with the most gentle touch anyone could rarely gain from hisashi.

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